Saturday, January 1, 2000

About Me



Pug Co-Parent.


Coffee Achiever.

Shoe Freak.

Solitude-lovin' socializer.

Under-utilized over-achiever.

Professional nap-taker.

My world is busy with endless to-do lists; I'll be pulling out all my writing skills to make it sound far more fascinating than it really is.

I hope you are not too very disappointed when I tell you that Baroness vonBloggenschtern has nothing to do with royalty; I am so far down the monarchy chain, I am not deemed fit to even pick up dog pooh at the weekly Fox and Hound extravaganza.

Instead, 'Baroness' is merely a moniker that one of my friends gave me long, long ago. When she was a receptionist for an accounting firm with her slinky, smarmy receptionist voice, and I was a lowly lab tech for an analytical company.

It was one of her great joys every single day, once at the very least to phone my company and say in her slinky, smarmy acoounting firm receptionist voice..."Hello. This is Ms. Young calling from Curry, Coopers & Lybrand. May I please be put through to Baroness von Analyses?".

Over the years, the name evolved as she saw fit. When I was pregnant, it was Baroness von Fetus Carrier.

When I had cancer, it was Baroness von Chemotherapy.

It only seemed reasonable (to me), since she had always been very encouraging with my writing, that I carry on with the silly cow's tradition for my blog name.

There you have it, boys, girls, and Nigerian princes asking for money. I am, in no way, shape or form, a Baroness.

Although I'd like to play one on tv.

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