Saturday, January 19, 2008

How About That?

There are some very important days coming up. Take January 21st - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The 22nd? The ultimate in going green - it's the holiday of Tu B'Shvat - created by Jews to be the marking of a new year for the Trees. And not just Jewish trees. All trees. Talk about multi-faith, baby. You American Sycamore - you stand here & grab a noisemaker. You Iraqi Date Palm - stand next to the sycamore and put on this party hat. 3,2,1 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

In both the secular and Jewish worlds, these days get a fair amount of lip service. So the Baroness feels compelled to shed some light on the days that may not get as much attention, but for various reasons should be recognized. Buckle up & prepare for enlightenment.

January 19th:
A triple header - "Brew a Potion Day", "Tin Can Day", and "Hat Day". I guess the witch population is covered by the "Brew a Potion" and "Hat" Days; if they can be warming up a can of Chicken with Rice on the stove as the same time they're trying out the latest eye of newt recipe, it's a grand slam. For those of us without coven membership, maybe just some chili and a toque will suffice.

January 20th:
"Cheese Day" and "Stay Young Forever Day". While the two may at first glance appear to be somewhat contradictory, who doesn't feel like a kid again when munching on a grilled cheese sanny? And perhaps there is something to be said about a food product that can potentially taste better when aging in a cave. Maybe cheese is onto something here, hmm?

January 21st:
A day close to my heart, "Elementary School Teacher Day". These men and women live a noble life, and they are the unsung heroes in the days of our children. Duke 1 and 2 were fortunate to have an amazing parade of educators, and I made an effort to let each one know how grateful we were to them and for them. Everyone, follow suit. These peeps need their props.

A day close to Lemonhundt - "Squirrel Appreciation Day". While he may not realize it (his brain, I believe, is the size of his eyeball), these critters who torment him from the fence line of our back yard are aiding and abetting in the health of his heart. He sees them, gets a surge of adrenaline, soars off the couch and BAM! Straight into the back door. Take 2. We open the door, he surges again, and WHOOSH! Runs like the wind, leaping and barking, and generally doing all the canine things that make a little doggy soul sing out loud. Yay, squirrels. Keep on truckin'.

January 22nd:
"National Polka Dot Day". Who, in their right mind, does not get a little warm fuzzy inside when they see polka dots? One of the stories of my childhood, "Put me in the Zoo", is completely polka dot-centric. Great plot - v. book club worthy - it's chock full of metaphor, social commentary and, well, dots. (I don't exactly know why there exists a relationship between little spheres on fabric and the polka, but I will endeavour to find out). The Baroness, for the life of her, cannot quite understand why this is not a day of International proportions, and assures you that when she reconvenes with the Priory of Sion, this will be amended.

In closing, I implore you to have a laugh this coming week and honor these days with your own special spin. Now if you will kindly excuse me, I have a tin of AlphaGetti calling my name.


Lisa said...

I eat cheese every day of my life like it's The Last Supper, but now a holiday for it?!?!?! WOOHOO!!!

In South Philly we have a "Hat Day Parade." It's also called "Kazoo Day" -- I have no idea why. All of this is a big pep rally for the big mummer's parade on New Year's day. The Mummers parade down the "main street" of our neighborhood for hours and hours in their crazy costumes, some of them playing instruments, people imbibe and dance right out in the middle of the street. All of this takes place a few weeks before Christmas and it's never advertised ... I would say a best-kept secret! I live in a very crazy place!

Oh, The Joys said...

Our best friends are Jewish and we celebrated the trees with them (though we did it last week). It was great to eat all the fruits!!!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Very interesting post! My January list of important days is so damned jam-packed already I don't need the pressure of adding more things to celebrate. LOL Though I do have to admit I love the idea of celebrating trees.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am excited to poke around yours--I love finding new blogs to read.

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