Sunday, March 2, 2008

How About That?

Dear Readers (and I use a capital "R" here, as you are all so important to me)! The Baroness has returned from the oh-so-successful land of public service announcements, and is back to the oh-so-meaningful world of holidays we often overlook. In the interest of time (and apparent enthusiasm), I will keep the list brief. The vonB villa is in need of a little sprucing before yours truly once again goes off to gallivant; I know, boo frickin' hoo for me. The great vonB outdoors also beckons, and to quote my prairie ancestors, we really must make hay while the sun shines. Nelly.

Ready for planning your Sunday and Monday? Here we go...

Sunday, March 2nd
Step one-open egg. Step two. Take out gloopy mass. Step three. Press said gloop onto colored comic books. Step four. Make Charlie Brown's already globule-shaped head into a even more bloated, contorted depiction. Step five. Laugh uproariously. Step six. Wet pants. Yes, today is the birthday of Silly Putty. Far from the original flesh-colored plastic that my generation knew and loved, it now comes in a variety of colors, and far from the uneducated bumbling that we went through (also know as creativity and learning), thanks to the introduction of the internet, current generations can be edu-macated in the fine art of the putty at Silly Putty U. I will be applying on-line today for my doctorate. Wish me luck.

Which one of you remembers this line? "THREE TREE. Three fish in a tree. Fish in a tree? How can that be?" Or perhaps you can recall a personal favorite of the Baroness, "BIG Q. little q. What begins with Q? The quick Queen of Quincy and her quacking quacker-oo"? (Did you all know that I'm related to the Queen of Quincy? By marriage, of course, but still.) What about "The Grinch that Stole Christmas". Does that ring a bell? I can say with certainty that unless you spent your formative years under a rock, you will have come across the scribings of the man who was born this day in 1904. Yup, Dr. Seuss. Or as his mom called him when he was in trouble - Theodor. Theodor Geisel. Take a trip down memory lane at the Seussville website. And while today is "National Banana Cream Pie Day", may I suggest an entree of Green Eggs and Ham? Always a good time for that breakfast, I say.

Monday, March 3rd
Ring, ring. Hello? Hello? There's nothing but strange static on the other end of the line. Whoever could be calling? Spirits of the netherworld? Time travellers from a parallel universe? No, it's just Macy's telling me about their umpteenth sale of the month. Where would our favorite people in the world, telemarketers, be if it weren't for the hard work of Alexander Graham Bell, born this day in 1847? Speaking of parallel universes, why is it never dinnertime on your end when you decide to call me? Huh. Yet another of the great 21st century mysteries.

The next two celebrations could be construed as related - "33 Flavors Day (the birthday of Baskin-Robbins), and "I Want You to Be Happy Day".

For goodness sake, stop your crying and eat your ice cream.


Scarlett Wanna Be said...

In honor of Mr. Bell's birthday, I just spent 2 hours on the phone with my best friend in Ct. Thank you Mr. Bell for inventing a means for me to have contact with non-crazy people...oh, and my family also.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Good for you - you know, the longer you talk, the more that the ghost of AGB will put in a good word with the spirit world for you...

I talk to my BFF almost everyday. Long distance. It drives her DH to distraction, but hey, if you're move her across the country, deal with the consequences.

Lisa said...

In honor of Mr. Bell, I spent 7 hours today on a conference call. Kinda like spending Christmas Day stuck in a chimney, in honor of Santa Claus .... not quite the way you'd want to celebrate ANYTHING. ...Barbra Peapod

Anonymous said...



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