Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We're at 50% (Day 4)

To quote the always beautifully-coiffed Jon Bon Jovi:
"Oh, we're halfway there..."
You know the rest. Livin'. Prayers. Livin' on prayers. Whoa whoa whoa.

We are now in the middle of the Great Getting to Know the Baroness 70 Fact Extravaganza (cue the confetti and streamers)(Hel-looo? Confetti & Streamer guy?)(Bah).

And it's a Wednesday. The Middle of the Week. Hump Day. Coincidence or not?

Perhaps you're feeling a little scre...., er, humped by this whole list thing. I'll ring Jeeves, and he'll help you upstairs for a lie down with a cool face linen on your forehead. It will pass. Only 3 days to go, darling. Buck up.

Ready, Freddie? Onward, and downward:

39. Totally undisciplined. I so admire the people who have routines, and really wish I was one. And I try. Instead, I spend a lot of time spinning in circles. Making lists help a lot.

38. I am a purist. With food, I do not want condiments. One can hide a pretty crappy hamburger in a mountain of relish, pickles and assorted goo. A good burger can stand on its own. Bun, burger. C'est tout. Same w/ hot dogs. Oh, and I like vanilla ice cream.

As for the constant tinkering w/Dr. Seuss books into movies? Don't get me started.

37. I love beautiful things. As I've gotten older, I've come to realize that beautiful doesn't always have to equal expensive, and I've also begun to really look for beauty everywhere. And it's there, people. This lovely lady finds it every day.

36. For as much disdain as I have towards her, I must credit Ms. Winfrey with directing me towards my favorite parfumier ever - Jo Malone. I am currently rocking the French Lime Blossom. So divine.

35. I love dressing up. I have no where to really go dressed up, and have a closet full of clothes for a person that doesn't really live my life. Someday....

34. On the flip side of dressing up (well sorta), I'm also a comfort whore. Everything has to feel good on - even the shoes with sexy heels (yes, they are out there). Towels can't be scratchy, and bed linens must evoke an "ahh" when one pops between the covers. What happens after that is your business.

33. I am an eternal optimist. Hope should have been my middle name (it's Joy, for the record). I, in fact, believe that if I watch "House" enough, there will actually be a microsecond down the road where he shows a redeeming characteristic.

32. If I see a picture of something, chances are I can make it. I should clarify that I only use this skill for good. Never for evil. OK, almost never.

31. I LOVE power tools. I took a woodworking class a few years ago, and now want my garage tricked out with all these goodies. So far: Table saw, compound miter saw, jigsaw, router, multi-speed drill, Dremel. On the wish list: mini-generator and a brad nailer. Sigh. MY BIL's all find this highly amusing. My husband - not so much.

30. I think family traditions are the backbone of a generation. Holidays, day-to-day, whatever. I love to hear about what families do, and the reason why.

Ta Ta for now, dahlings. We'll catch up tomorrow.

Savour your day.


Sandi said...

House has a redeeming quality. He is HOT!

Anonymous said...

30. I think family traditions are the backbone of a generation. Holidays, day-to-day, whatever. I love to hear about what families do, and the reason why.

You know, you should have listed our crazy amazing family traditions.
Some which include...
Latkefest 06,07,08 etc.
Christmas at the Erridges for the Jews (which includes ham)
and many many many more..

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess Sandi: He's hot. Yet he's cool. Therein lies the issue.

Countess Leah: I could have, but I'm allowed only so much space.

Do I know Porkfest? Or this is a vonErridge thing?

shari said...

you are so kind. thank you.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess Shari:

You are so awesome. Thank you back :)

Anonymous said...

We used to do it. Not recently.
Maybe I'm going crazy, but I remember a few times where we just pig out on stuff.
aka pork

Not Afraid to Use It said...

You know, I think I watch House for that same reason. That every now and then you get a hint of his humanity. Long live Prince George!

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess Leah: You are going crazy, from lack of sleep and wicked amounts of homework. I prescribe a bath and some ice cream. Oh, and sleep.

Countess NATUI: Is this one of those cultural references you talked about where you get all judge-y on me? Is this a Black Adder flashback? Are you on Vicodin? Jeez.

Asthmagirl said...

Dear Baroness:

I am always the optimist. I continue to beleive that my beloved will not find out what I really spend on beauty enhancements.
I have not given up on House either.

Lisa said...

Jon Bon Jovi ... check!
Dress up ..... check check !!!

Dress up as Bon Jovi? ... mmm, pass.

Your love of dress up would score you an automatic invite to my fabulous tea parties. You'd fit in fanbulously with your fancy outfits and shoes!! ... Barbra Peapod

Los said...

I'm definitely going to date myself on this one, but the first time I heard Bon Jovi was when I had insomnia in high school ... I was listening to the radio overnight, and I heard Living on a Prayer ... I had insomnia at a few different times - one time I had it because I was a hypochondriac ... I swore I was going to puke (If you know anything about me, I have a fear of all things puke). Another time was right before my freshman dance - I was nervous as hell and couldn't sleep for 2-3 nights prior to the dance because of it ... you can see by the bags under my eyes in the dance picture.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess AG:
And I am ever the optimist that one day, all the bowls and glasses sitting on the counter 3 inches away from the dishwasher will finally make it inside!!

Countess Lisa:
Ooh, to be a guest at a BPDB tea party. How divine, darling!

Count Los:
For safety's sake, and in order to ensure a vomit-free zone, I vow to no longer quote, cite, or mention that Jersey guy without giving you fair notice.

As for the insomnia - does that fact that your message shows up on my computer at 4:36 AM tell me anything? One word - melatonin.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Ah...tell me true...did you know it was Black Adder or did you have to Google the reference? LOL

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