Monday, May 5, 2008

The Power of One

The lovely Lori over at Serendipity and Rain has thrown down a mighty challenge for the always-verbose Baroness. And while I would normally mutter a "Bah-ring it onnnn", this was the challenge equivalent of asking ol' Lemonhundt to stop shedding like a mini-buffalo. I was gob-smacked. This woman is obviously well-versed in Sun Tzu's Art of War - find your opponent's weakness. Wait. Watch. Call for take out.

She has tagged me for a meme - a One Frickin' Word Meme. Yikes. Although initially I swooned, and required a long nap to recover, I spent the rest of the weekend crafting, thesaurussing, scheming and mercilessly editing. Believe you me people - there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make the magic. My wrist is positively arthritic from all of the wand waving. (and yes, here I actually mean wand waving.)

I present to you: "The One Frickin' Word Meme" (don't get too excited - this won't happen often - the brevity is giving me a rash...)

Your mobile phone? Pocketed

Your significant other? Indulgent

Your hair? Unmanageable

Your mother? Phenomenal

Your father? Difficult

Your favorite thing? Writing

Your dream last night? Vivid

Your favorite drink? Pepsi

Your dream/goal? Published

The room you’re in? Office

Your ex? Bereft

Your fear? Recurrence

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Book-signing ( I’m counting this as one word)

Where were you last night? Nephew’s

What you’re not? Confrontational

Muffins? Blueberry

One of your wish list items? Labeller

Where you grew up? Prairies

The last thing you did? Caffeinated

What are you wearing? Glasses

Your TV? Perpetual

Your pets? Privileged

Your computer? Opiate

Your life? Whirlwind

Your mood? Content

Missing someone? Mom

Your car? Dependable

Something you’re not wearing? Fur

Favorite Store? Nordstrom’s

Your summer? Promising

Like someone? Everyone

Your favorite color? Pink

When is the last time you laughed? Always

Last time you cried? March

I won't tag anyone, as I just sent out a meme not too long ago. However, should you find yourself completely out of Suduku puzzles, or waiting for parts for your build-at-home Hubble telescope, indulge in this - it could be just the challenge you're looking for.


Mental P Mama said...


Not Afraid To Use It said...

It's hard to be succinct sometimes. Fabulous answers!

Not Afraid To Use It said...

And btw--the film and esp. soundtrack by this name is absolutely incredible. I highly recommend.

The Queen said...


Felicia said...

I loved your post on IB today! I'm not overweight, but still do not fit into even a large in most high-end bottoms. It makes me want to wear a pair with "Eff off" across the butt.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess MPM: Thanks!
(see that? ONE word.)

Countess NATUI: Yes, indeedy. It is extremely hard to be succinct. Always. The movie - I IMDB'd it - is it the one from the early 90's?

Your Majesty: See what you did? You did it too! This one word thing might just catch on.

Countess Felicia: Welcome! Thanks for the kind words - and I am willing to cut you in on the profits of the Plump Rump franchise, if I can get your licensing rights to "Eff-off". Love it! Or what about "For god's sake, eat something Skeletor" ?

Lori said...

Oh, my lovely Baroness.
You made me chortle, guffaw, snort and then laugh out loud.
I am glad someone else felt the pain of this meme - I am wont to ramble (ahem) at times, although without the graceful vocabulary gymnastic skills you possess.
I just plain run off at the mouth.
And I love your use of "gob-smacked," one of my favorite phrases.
I'm going to shush now but leave you with one thought first - it tickled me to death to see how many of our one word answers were the same.
You, my dear, are fabulous!

Blog Antagonist said...

LOL, another thing we have in common. I'm not known for being compendious either. But you did a great job. I doubt I could measure up!

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess Lori: In all seriousness, I thank you for the meme. I know now that it is possible (should I fwd this to Miss Britt?). Uncomfortable, but possible.

If I made you laugh, my day's complete. The chortling, guffawing, and snorting were just icing on the cake. As for suggesting I'm a verbal gymnast, you are so so kind, but you SO don't want to see me in spandex...

Countess BA: Oh, how I love you, woman. Not only do you consistently write thoughtful, relevant pieces, you come over here and drop words like "compendious" that make me run screaming like a little school girl into the arms of Mr. Merriam and Mr. Webster. So smart you are. So appreciative am I.

Asthmagirl said...

Fabulous post as always. You are blossoming before my very eyes! I also enjoyed your post on IB today... well done! I adore you even if you do not have "Juicy" emblazoned across your behind... or is that the tattoo you've been meaning to get?

AG said...

PS~ Thanks for offering to go down the path with me. It was a lovely day for a stroll (hobble)!

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess AG: No tramp stamps for me, I'm afraid. My sons would disown me.Although, truth be told , I have some pretty edgy yet minimalistic tats from when I had radiation. They look like this: . .
Woo Hoo! Rock on!

As it is, the boys are on the bubble as to whether or not it's age-appropriate for me to wear jeans that don't ride up around my armpits. Ah, my Amish existence.

Candy said...

I like that meme. I just did it, and was missing the same thing.

Oddly, every time I read someone else's version it has one more question I don't think was on mine. Or maybe I just can't remember anymore...

Anonymous said...


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