Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wordless (Almost) Wordsmith Wednesday

It has taken far too long, but I'm halfway through - and LOVING - this book.

What have I learned so far?

That, mercifully, this book has nothing whatsoever to do with Diane Gabaldon (seriously - have you seen the size of her books? And I thought I had a lot to say...).

I have learned that there is - once again - substantiated evidence that there is no substitute for the life experience of experiencing life with siblings. Sisters, to be precise. (Pardon me while I pout just a little - us only children can be rueful that way. Wah).

Also thrown in for the eerie/transcendental factor is the family's caregiver, an ancient Hopi Indian woman with mystical powers.

The story spans from 1966 to 1987; I am more than willing to file away my own nasty flashbacks from that era (a lust for Fortrel and an uneven shag hair cut) in order to immerse myself in the Los Angeles 70's of the Gabaldons.

I am hooked, hooked, hooked on these sisters whose movie-obsessed mom named them for her favorite stars: Bette Davis, Loretta Young, Rita Hayworth and Sophia Loren (there's also their brother, Cary Grant Gabaldon, but he's really pretty much in the background).

This is a story about the power of the X chromosome. And oh, the power these chicas wield - they are brainy and mean, sassy and hilarious.

I can barely write this for wanting to get back at it. Stay tuned for the official summary next Wednesday!


{i}Post said...

Sounds fabulous! I am just halfway through The HERetic's Daughter and LOVE it! Thanks for sharing this treasure for me!

RiverPoet said...

Oooh, can't wait to hear the "official" review. Cool!!!

Peace - D

Sandi said...

Ha! I named my daughter for Ava Gardner, my dad's favorite movie star.

I think I'll have to read this book.

Baroness von B said...

Countess iPost: You'll have to write me a mini-review about this book - the cover looked v. cool. And yes, I do.

Judge. Books. That way.

So pathetic.

Countess D: When I say "official", I should make clear that it's only official - in. My. Mind. I am no professional reviewer, and don't think I have the fortitude to be. Plaudits to you who can.

Countess Sandi: Lots of sassiness - you might just like it! It's a pretty easy read so far - I just haven't got the time to burn through it like usual.

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