Monday, February 23, 2009

Hon, Hold all My Calls

Greetings from the desert.
Please don't worry about me getting dehydrated in all of this dry air; rest assured that I am keeping my liquids up. Corneal damage is more of a concern - I cannot seem to look away from the shiny.
I will tell you that I had an extremely diffucult time staying on task today while trying to get to our hosted breakfast - we had to walk through the middle of the casino, you see. And all of the noises and glitter were very distracting. Fortunately, I was travelling with a pack, and also some human wranglers who kept the strays from, well, straying.

It is always fascinating to me being the "spouse" at these events. Keep in mind that "spouse" in this context takes on the definition of "extraneous human unit who cannot possibly have anything worthy of listening to".

Oh, if they only knew that I am sitting quietly, observing. Smiling coyly, nodding demurely. Filing their inane conversations away with the utmost efficiency in my spacious mental credenza.

Do not get me wrong - I am always extremely grateful to the powers that be who send us on these jaunts - they always do things up right.
So thoughtful were they of this "spouse's" needs, in fact, that they ensured that I had my own office for producing my fine literary works. Jane Austen should have been this lucky.

Thoughtfulness, Exhibit A: Two-line phone

(with hold button!)

Thoughtfulness, Exhibit BBold: Personalized Note Paper

(always a classy touch, I think)

Thoughtfulness, Exhibit C: 2 (!) Writing Tables

Table 1 -View of Room

Table 2 - For Personal Assistant to direct my calls

Ciao for now - I'm off to tend to some v. important economic stimulus business.
Gianmarco - hold my calls.

And I'm out of personalized note paper. Take care of that, would you please?


Mental P Mama said...

LOL. Stimulate some for me;)

Anonymous said...

Damn, that looks like a swanky suite!

- Duke 1

the not so traveling b (at the moment anyway) said...

you didn't metnion the temprature of the room.........and is that note paper one ply or two? Did you got to NY, NY and check out the $10 store. Did you do the board walk light show. Did you smack one of those people on the street passing out the oolala cards.

love ya,

the not so traveling b

Baroness von B said...

Countess MPM: Done.

Duke 1: Did I mention the tv in the BATHROOM? Sa-weet. Your dad was in heaven.

Countess of The Friendly Skies: HAH!
This is a class establishment babe, only the best writing paper. I think it might have even been 2 and a half ply.

Those f*ing asshats with the oolala cards. WHY are you handing them to me? Do I look like a lesbian?

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