Monday, June 29, 2009

Asking for Money is Uncomfortable...

...but then so is a rectal exam.

Trust me on this, people.

If my sad lack of posts over the last few weeks has not already derailed the usually effervescent vonB party train, this item will surely send it careening off the tracks and into the ravine.

Because, once again, I'm trotting out the cancer card (run away! run away!).

But this time, it is definitely not cranky nor doom and gloom. This has the potential to actually be pretty - wait for it -


On July 11th, I will participating in a run/walk called "The Underwear Affair". Its subheading (far less titillating) is "Uncover the Cure - for cancers below the waist". Everyone participating in this event has the opportunity to run in their ginch. And really. How often does one get the opportunity to do that? Nowhere near damn enough, in my estimation.

(although I suppose one could, in reality, do that whenever they pleased. Here I just mean without the threat of legal proceedings)

(or public stoning)

I'm so excited. This event is a fantastic opportunity to:

. be a community superhero for a couple of hours (our team is called 'The Colon Crusaders' - we'll be rocking the capes)

. be silly - I will SO be looking for Team Jockey to get my picture taken in these:

. raise a little moola for research into some pretty insidious diseases.

And who knows? If I pimp my granny panties out just right, maybe next year I could be the poster girl...
Should you feel the urge to donate, just click on the underwear button on the top right.

Should you feel the urge to run in your underwear, go to

Or just, you know, run around.

In your underwear.



♥~♥ Nine Acres ♥~♥ said...

Great cause and lots of fun. Too bad I am far away...sounds like some great photo ops! ;0)

Mental P Mama said...

How creative is that??? Good for you. I expect pictures of you in your finery....

Bubs said...


And all I want in return is pictures.

baronessvonb said...

Countess T: It is very sad that you can't be the 'official photographer'.

Countess MPM: Whoever thought of the whole idea is just brilliant. What's even more impressive is that the turnout is always fantastic. Like I said - how often can you legitimately run around the city in your gear?

Count of Tiki: Bet on it.

Grace said...

Where the heck are you? I know you are near me ... somewhere near me .... but I have never heard of I am in the Lower Mainland, FV Valley.

baronessvonb said...

Countess Grace: I'm in Richmond; the race is in Vancouver. I only heard of the race through my Colon Cancer Support Group. If you're in the FV, and looking for some fun people (and people parts) watching, it might be worth your while to venture downtown on July 11th!

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