Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

"I hate rules."

"Rules were made to be broken."

"Who listens to rules anyways?"

Well, I do.

I may be taking an unpopular stance (like that's never happened before), but I really believe in rules. Without these imposing boundaries, chaos is only steps away from setting up shop.

I think that rules have a valuable place in our lives. I may not always understand the rationale behind them, but I have to respect that somewhere along the line, a precedent was set that caused these rules to need to be created.

I like the fact that I had no input into most rules that exist. It reminds me that I am not always the Tzarina and Absolute Controller of my universe; it is humbling.

Needless to say, any document that talks about rules I find absolutely fascinating. Cherie Carter-Scott wrote a book called, "If Life is a Game, These are the Rules" - its ten-point framework and related sub-topics are today's TT:

"Rule #1: You will receive a Body. [Acceptance, Self-Esteem, Respect, Pleasure]

Rule #2: You will be presented with Lessons. [Openness, Choice, Fairness, Grace]

Rule #3: There are no mistakes, only Lessons. [Compassion, Forgiveness, Ethics, Humour]

Rule #4: A Lesson is Repeated Until Learned. [Awareness, Willingness, Causality, Patience]

Rule #5: Learning Does Not End. [Surrender, Commitment, Humility, Flexibility]

Rule #6: 'There' is no better than 'Here'. [Gratitude, Unattachment, Abundance, Peace]

Rule #7: Others are Only Mirrors of You. [Tolerance, Clarity, Healing, Support]

Rule #8: What You Make of Your Life is Up To You. [Responsibility, Release, Courage, Power, Adventure]

Rule #9: All Your Answers Lie Inside of You. [Listening, Trust, Inspiration]

Rule #10: You Will Forget All of This at Birth." [Faith, Wisdom, Limitlessness]

And I guess this is why I find these types of limitations so interesting. It all distills down to the exploration of the fundamental why.

Lest you begin to think that I'm an insufferable suck up, know this. I may follow all the rules, but only to a point. Once I have scoured their blueprints, once I learned them so well I can divine the intricacy of their infrastructure, once I know with complete certainty where they are pliable, I will expertly manipulate them.

I just don't feel the urge to immediately dismiss them nor snap them like a twig; bending will suffice quite nicely.

I think that might just be a lesson learned.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

These are the best rules I've ever read except for that #4. Hopefully this doesn't mean I have to get married again because that would be in direct contradiction to #6.

Perhaps the lesson all along was I never should ahve been married. Hmmm. Deep.

wf is tolyshie, which is what my comments are especially when tired and haven't had coffee yet. Tolyshie.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Once again, lots of food for thought for the weekend! Love it!

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