Wednesday, February 17, 2010

(Almost) Wordless/WTF/Winter Olympics Wednesday

Welcome to today's amalgam of all that is good, bad and irksome on this fine Wednesday morning.

I've been mulling over which intriguing facet of our 2010 Olympics I would next reveal to you ...



(need my people to align with others' people)

(who now, apparently, have their own press people)

(who are busy talking to his people)

(which makes me contradict my Monday assertion - people who need people are not the luckiest people in the world. They are just kind of pissy and disgruntled)

Fashion faux pas?


(I mean, where do you go from here?)

Instead, I will touch oh-so-briefly upon some irksomeness that I documented during a stroll through our local gathering place this past weekend.

To preface this, I must clarify something.

We Canadians, on average, are not a boastful lot. Sure, we are proud. But we temper this with about 3500 kilograms of humility. Some of us toss in a little guilt for good measure.

But this whole Winter Olympics thing? Well, if you knew us well, you would know that we are practically apoplectic with excitement (and those of you who don't know us well? You just assume we are ready for a nap).

So, we really feel a sense of ownership with this. This is our year, our city, our venues. Which, by the way, are obscenely expensive to get into - unless you know people.

The alternative to seeing events live is to go to the afore-mentioned public venues, where mammoth flatscreen tv's abound. It's just almost like being there. Just almost.

Have I painted a sufficient picture?

Okay, then.

Imagine mingling with the rest of the great unwashed in an area designated as this:

Are you f*(#$ing kidding me?

TV empires, radio stations, small countries aren't enough to satiate her lust for dominance? Can this woman not keep her grubby little paws off anything?

Next thing you know, there will be a Leadership Academy cropping up on our East Side, to enpower/indoctrinate the wayward, the disenfranchised, the transient. To teach them the mantra - you, too, can have a dream. You, too, can be entitled. To anything. Anywhere.

You, too, can have the power within to hijack an event.

Maybe a "My Favorite Things" episode??

OK - everything but that.

Let's not go crazy here.


Diane said...

You would think an emmy winning talk show would be enough. Is nothing sacred?

How was it mingling with the great unwashed? Did you pass out some of that "instant Canadian" spray Daryl had on her blog?

Anonymous said...

Before you delete WTF Wednesday..

Come visit me… I’ve got a silly award to give away, ‘cause god knows I can’t keep it for myself. And you might need the hammer for something.

These Nine Acres said...

OMG. She is probably the same one who started that text message acronym.

formerly fun said...

It's always better if you don't say her name. I heard that if you say her name three times, you summon her from her netherworld and have to have three aha moments before she goes where she came from.


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