Friday, January 11, 2008

A Breath of Fresh Air

At approximately 6:38 am (a time I consider to be quite uncivil, but oddly necessary in the whole smooth operation of earth), I realized how amazing it was to have the winter wind not-so-gently blowing against my cheek on my morning stroll. In fact, it was quite possibly one of the most divine experiences I have had in the last short while - and let me assure you, I've had some pret-ty darned divine ones.

Why was it divine, though? Why not just pleasant or nice? Divine, dear reader, because at the same time as the wind was blowing on my cheek, I was struck by how refreshing it felt. Rather than silently squawking about how freaky-deaky cold it was, I was appreciating having the opportunity to feel said wind on said cheek. (Keep in mind for someone as persnickety as the Baroness, this is a major milestone. For while I'm a fresh air fanatic, I'm a fair-weather fresh air fanatic. Open window good, walking outside bad. See the difference?).

For not so long ago, I was in an isolation ward at our local hospital, with no fresh air to speak of, for 4 extremely long days. The day I got sprung from the "big house", I stood outside and just breathed. Not just your typical in-and-out. I really breathed. For about 15 minutes straight. I gulped. I was downright piggish. I wanted to make up for those 96 hours in an airless box. I acknowledged how fortunate I was to have the chance to actually leave the hospital - it's not something that all my fellow patients would get to do. And I vowed right there and then that I would do my utmost to fill up my lungs with fresh air every day from that day forward.

Yet, time went on, and that little pledge between me and me seemed to get tucked away. In retrospect, I'm quite astonished that something I was so serious about could get lost in the daily miasma. But there you have it.

Until I had this flash of clarity and memory at 6:38 am today.

I recently read an article about a yogi who said that the true meaning of happiness is realized when we let go of what we've done, to focus on what we're doing. And only when we stop focusing on what we don't have or what we want, but instead appreciate what we do have in the here and now - only then can a true feeling of deep-seated happiness emerge. Hmm. No easy feat.

Especially before 7 in the morning. But it happened, a convergence of intent and weather. And it was awesome!

So, this coming weekend, I wish the same for you. Whatever seemingly annoying situation crosses your path, be it the wind in your face, the sun in your eyes, or a long wait in line so you can catch your breath, try to open to the here and now. It could be divine.


Lisa said...

Simply beautiful and beautifully simple!

Wanita said...

I need to know, what is a miasma? Ok, OK I'll stop being lazy and look it up. Its REALLY nice too, that after filling our lungs with the fresh brisk air, we have lovely, cozy homes to snuggle up into. Just something I think about regularily during the winter months.

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