Saturday, January 12, 2008

Were You Aware of It?

The Baroness hereby decrees that weekends, especially Saturdays, are days of rest. Days of blissful physical rest, emotional rest, and most importantly (to me, at least) - mental rest.

So rather than blah blah blog, I will leave you with these amusing tidbits, which I will endeavour to continue to do on weekends going forward:

Not only does January 13th mark the birthday of Sesame Street's own Rubber Ducky (thanks to Ernie for the reminder...), it is also Accordian Day. I am blissfully (it's happening already!) unaware of who came up with these arbitrary days, but I am willing to just go with it, and assume they're somehow historically and factually accurate. So should you.

The Baroness recommends a bath with something small, yellow and squeaky while listening to Dean Martin.

Let the bliss begin!!

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