Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thoughtful Thursdays

You must believe this, dear readers - the Baroness had a lovely poem chosen for today's Thoughtful Thursday, all ready to make you feel all cozy inside. But, alas, the external has once again triumphed over the internal, and today has been - to quote Countess Vi - a "Cuckoo for Cocoapuffs" sort of day. With a capital "Cuckoo". You will just have to wait on pins and needles for next week.

For today, I must keep it brief. My inspiration comes, of all places, from a fascinating read called "The Intellectual Devotional". I found this passage referencing the Baroque Period shortly after having a wonderfully uplifting lunch meeting with one of my favorite people in the world, Countess Isabella. Who, coincidentally, speaks fluent Portuguese. (Is this factum really important? Read on...) Call it synchronicity, call it fate, call it just plain weird. The definition just spoke to me. Hopefully the beauty of the meaning will speak to you as well.

'The word baroque originates from a Portuguese word meaning "misshapen pearl". This symbol is an appropriate metaphor for the art, architecture, and music of the period, which lasted roughly from 1600 to 1750. It was an era of contrasts - in art, between light and dark colors, smooth and broken surfaces; and in music, between loud and soft, fast and slow. It was characterized at first by a simplification of complex Renaissance musical styles, and eventually by ornate new aesthetic structures that seemed a huge challenge to all previous currents of thought.'

So, what (or who) are your misshapened pearls? What ornate structures are challenging you? Something to think about this busy Thursday.


Lisa said...

I LOVE this post ... a welcomed respite from the overload of Brittany, politics, farts, and cart theivery! You bring lots on thoughts to mind .... one of them being a reminder of how I've always loved the baroque classical music, and how long it's been since I've listened to it. Another thought, and something I'll probbaly chew on for the rest of the day, challenging ornate structures and how to simplify.

You've got a gift Baronness ... thanks for sharing! .... Barbra Peapod

Pioneering in PA said...

The only thing that the definition of "Baroque" can apply to in my life is the relationship between myself and the hubby. We are such an odd contrast between the two of us (especially when we first got together, and he was all social-butterfly-ish and I was dark and brooding, wanting company like another hole in the head) that this era actually applies to us. Thanks for opening my eyes to our current relationship. So now when I say "If it ain't Baroque, don't fix it", it will have a new meaning in our day to day grind. YAY!

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