Friday, February 1, 2008

E-e-e-e-e! I ... E-e-e-e-e! I.... Oh!

Ah, E. Number 5 in a long string of ABC's, it works double duty as a letter and a vowel. Yesterday, if at all possible for a drawing of 4 little sticks, it worked even harder and also assumed the role of adjective and....award!! Look what came in the mail!

The Baroness extends many heartfelt thanks to the Magnificent Meal Planner, Pioneering in PA at Fried Pork Chop for this - though I'm quite new to the ways of the blogosphere, I am so grateful that there are actually appreciative readers out there, far and wide, who do not share the same genetic code as I. Don't get your knickers in a knot, Countess Leah & Duke 2, I still appreciate you. But you're family, you know? You're kind of obligated...

Like I just mentioned, I am a neophyte in this marvelous world of words (and pictures)(how revolutionary - pictures!). I am of the understanding that I now can pay homage -and play crossing guard by directing traffic over to some of the fabulous wordsmiths I've bookmarked. Here is but a smattering, and let me tell you right here and right now - it was extremely difficult to narrow it down. Everyone I read has a distinctive flair. I love y'all.

1. Barbara Peapod Disco Bubbles - Sweeties, what can I say? She was my first commenter who wasn't a close friend or relative. Alright, alright. Let's come clean. She was my first and only commenter for what appeared to be forever. She has taught me a lot. Like it or not, I'm extremely loyal, and I'm clinging to her like a unneutered chihuahua in spring. She is in turns hilarious, biting, questioning, and did I mention hilarious?

2. A Widow For One Year - I learned of this site through BPDBubbles blogroll. Sandi is a beautiful soul, a recent widow with 2 small children. She's opened a window for us to see into a life that many of us could never imagine, and provides valuable information on how to carry on, with grace and heart. She also quite often highlights one of her favorite charitable organizations, The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. I urge you to follow along beside her on the path that she didn't choose. Don't be a lurker - we need to let her know that we hear her.

3. Blogs are Stupid - I was originally drawn in from the title, and from her section headers, "Stupid Remarks", "Archived Stupidity", etc. The truth of the matter is that this lady is the antithesis of all things stupid. And she's an exquisite writer.

4. I'm No Belle - I could never forget this displaced Southern Scarlett Wanne Be. There are days when I am crying with laughter. She often posts pictures, and scoops us along on her wacky travelogue. Epcot, Disneyworld, chin hairs - nothing is sacred and everything (make no mistake. I mean anything) is up for discussion. Plus she actually refers to her derriere in the 3rd person - this is a fine quality, says the Baroness.

5. Psychotic Secretary - My new blog friend, the Guv'ner. Again, was drawn in by the title, stayed for the show. I've had my fair share of stunning employers, so can completely empathize with Guv's situation. She's Scottish. I'm of Scotch descent. She lives in New York. I love New York. (see, it says so right here on my t-shirt) Other pluses? Too numerous to mention. Go read about her Dark Uberlord and then go hug your a**hole of a boss in sheer relief.

6. Orangette - Yeah, like this Molly woman needs more traffic. But her recipes are sublime, her pictures make me salivate, and she's a "stonkin' good" writer. An oasis of bliss. Just don't read hungry.

7. Not Afraid to Use It - Oh. My. Lord. This woman had me at her header. And this is no ordinary header - it is her manifesto. She is the ultimate underground blogger - the flip side of a mommy blog, she actually has MIL Mondays, where she tells the on-going epic saga that is her Mother In Law from hell. So very, very clever.

8. Blessing Blog - This amazing lady, Kate Nowak, set up a project called the Heartfelt Blessing Project. I stumbled upon it somehow, and stayed because at the sign-off her original e-mailing she would say "Always remember you are loved beyond measure and a cherished blessing to me". What an amazing thing to put out into the universe! It is the perfect site to go to when you need a big hug and to have the top of your head lovingly smoothed. She always says lovely, nurturing things, and I so admire the tenacity she has had to make her site available to all.

9. Cranky Epistles - I found CrankyProf just recently, after an afternoon of leapfrogging from blogroll to blogroll. Of course the Cranky label caught my eye. An intriguing perspective of post-secondary education, and she's a marvelous, funny writer to boot.

10. Warped Viewings of My Mind - Again, another leapfrog discovery. She drew me in with her header - who in their right mind can not appreciate the ambitions of a tripod-bearing, picture-snapping squirrel? Really. Plus, the author apparently owns a pug. This alone would warrant respect and admiration, but I stay for the writing. What can I say? I love a good story.
And there are plenty.

There you have it - my love letters to my fellow bloggers. I would strongly urge you, nay - decree-e-e-e-e upon you - to broaden your blog horizons, be entertained, enlightened, encouraged.

Enjoy your weekend.

With Affection,
The Baroness


The Guv'ner said...

Aren't you the lovely Baroness. Someone (and I can't even remember who I'm ashamed to say) bestowed this same thing on me a few weeks back and I lost the image (OOPS!) so YAY for you! I will post it later and pretend I am so very special (and not just special needs).

Aren't we all just fabulous? THANK YOU!

doorknob_dan said...

Eeek, another Canadian blogger! I thought I was the only one, surrounded entirely by Americans and their goofy spelling errors and political discourse.

It's nice to know there's other Canucks out there! I'm new to this stuff, so it's all kind of scary and intimidating.

(Happened to see you mention you're Canadian on Guv's blog so I thought I'd 'cheque' you out, har har.)

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Welcome to Politeness World, eh? Always great to hear from a fellow countryman. "Cheque" (ha!) out for some more Northern flavour. (Yes, I did. I used a "u" in flavour.)

Blog Antagonist said...

Aw...gee thanks! What a nice gesture. I can't wait to read some of your other picks. I'm always looking for great new blogs to read.

Anonymous said...

I thought that was a nice little shout out to me in the beginning, to say that maybe you think of me sometimes, then I read some more, scroll and see, OH GOD, she said lots of stuff to just about everyone else.
I am hurt.
Although I may not always comment, I read everyone.
And I would give a shout out to you if I made a really cool blog!
(Facebook just doesn't count, I'm just a teenage girl who likes talking ambiguously about her problems.)
Family is just as important.
I want to know what I mean to you. =(

PS. I'm actually not hurt, I just feel like being mean about it. =)

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

Oh Baroness, I love really love you. You are too funny! Thank you so much for the award. I am honored, especially since I enjoy reading your blog so much. Thank you and just so you know, I was going to comment yesterday, but I had to lick the walls with excitement for a good 12 hours (actually my computer was on the fritz but I still had major licking to do).

Sandi said...


I, too, found you through BabsPeapod.

Thank you for your recognition of me and for commenting on my blog.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Damn woman! Thanks a million!! This is high praise coming from YOU! Any praise from the Baroness is awesome, but an award just sets me down on my ass. Woohoo!

Lisa said...

Baronnesssssss ... it's your long lost blog buddy Babs Peadpod!!! I'm just now catching up on all ofmy blog reading after being inundated with stuff for the last several days. I came back to blog world to find this most prestigous of honors waiting for me in your blog. Muchas grassy ass for the award!!! Am looking forward to getting caught up on your recent posts, then going on a little adventure through blog-world to check out some of your other honorees!!! Hope this finds you well and warm up there in the Canadian tundra!! .... Babs Peapod

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