Saturday, February 2, 2008

Oh Come, All Ye Faithful

We pre-empt The Baroness' regularly-scheduled "How About That?" Saturday column for an important bulletin.

It has been brought to my attention, like a bolt from the blue, that yesterday while waxing rhapsodic over all of my favorite bloggers and readers, I foolishly glossed over one very important person. I feel great shame over this, as she has been a staunch supporter from the very very beginning. How this oversight happened, I am not sure, but now's the time to make it right.

I have known Countess Leah all of her relatively short life. What I have come to know, observing her evolution, is that she is one very fascinating person. Even though she's family, and I (according to me) am obligated to say nice things - I sincerely mean them. She's by turn enthusiastic, thoughtful, funny, loyal, sweet. She's the spirit that drives any team she plays for, and her ethics are such that she always tries to do the right thing. She's a mediator, a muse, and for me, a mentor. She has taught me many, many valuable things. Not bad for a 18 year old. Her antics, along with her cousins (she's usually the ringleader), are the fodder for many an amusing anecdote - and you must believe, dear readers, these are trotted out at every opportunity. "A Tribute to the Spice Girls", Anti-Smoking PSA's, "No Doubt on Rollerblades" - our family events often turn into Off-Off-Way Off Broadway productions. And we secretly love every minute of it. Too bad for you that you don't live Off-Off-Way Off Broadway. Wah.

When I was ill last year, she was one of the few extended family members who tackled the elephant in the middle of the room, asked about how I was doing, and was truly curious to learn more about what I was going through - you can rest assured that is something I will always remember with great affection.

She's now at the beginning of her adult path. I watch her navigate her way, and silently cheer her every step. She's one amazing cookie. I take this opportunity to tell her that I so appreciate her loyalty. Knowing that she's out there reading my blog means more than any award.

Snaps to you, Countess Leah. I think the world of you.


Anonymous said...

Ah wow I am now very honoured.
And I got a good laugh at the memories brought back by the list of the stupid things I have done with the cousins.
I actually can't stop laughing about no doubt on rollerblades. Truly...amazing.
I did not expect a full blog entry about this one, but I appreciate it!
And I love you too!
Happy Groundhog day!

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

Oh Leah sounds fancy and fabulous. I think she must have wonderful people around her to become such an incredible woman!

Lisa said...

You know, I love reading good things about good people.

Leah, you sound like one helluva groovy gal!!! ... Babs Peapod

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