Monday, March 17, 2008

A Room of One's Own

Firstly, to all of you getting your green on today, a hearty Happy St. Patrick's Day to you. Or, as they say in the Emerald Isle, Erin Go Put on a Bra.

While the Baroness realizes that it is rather ungracious to be wishing for another holiday, for just another schtickle of quiet time in a quiet room, for someone else doing the cooking, for the absence of an agenda, she is also very happy to report that - thanks to a suggestion by Dr. Jerald Block of the Oregon Health and Science University - this wish might just come true in the very near future. And on the government's dime, no less.

For you see, Dr. Block (a psychiatrist by trade) is suggesting that compulsive e-mailing and text messaging are gateway activities to dementia, and that some people may require medication or hospitalization. He also is pushing for any weirdness resulting from these activities to be included in the upcoming best-seller "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders". This tome is apparently considered to be the dictionary of mental illness.

Now I'm no therapist (although I do enjoy a good shrinking from time to time - does wonders for the wrinkles), but I can't imagine that blogging mania is too far behind. And, based on the weirdness I create and read , I guess I'm near the front of the line for santuary, 3 squares a day, and potentially enough psychotropic drugs to fell a horse (because, contrary to what you may have heard, the Baroness is not a cheap drunk).

Why is something so very very interesting suddenly bad for us? How does connecting with like-minded (and polar opposite) people make one loopy? There is such potential in the blogosphere, & I've only just begun to scratch the surface. Don't yank this away from me just yet.

Take this fellow, for example. I discovered him yesterday after leapfrogging from blogroll to blogroll. His Great Interview Experiment aligns two unrelated bloggers in an arena that will shine a light on both of their talents. How great is that idea? How can either reading about or partaking in something that acknowledges people in a positive way be the basis for mental illness? You really must check him out and check out some of the interviews. Maybe even volunteer to do one. Let me tell you, he's really quite marvelous, darlings. And the Baroness knows her marvelous. Yes she does. Mmm hmm.

There's so much more out there to explore, and white fitted jackets be damned - I'm breaking out the machete and bejewelled pith helmet, and asking Jeeves to bring the Range Rover 'round and to summon the guide.

Because some days I feel like a nut, and some days I don't. Today, I'm positively macadamian.


Lisa said...

I'm making a note to the out the interviewer. Dr. Block, on the other hand. no thanks!

....Barbra Peapod

Not Afraid to Use It said...

"Today, I'm positively macadamian."

Brilliant. Totally fucking brilliant.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess Babs: Hmm. Maybe we'll meet in InterviewLand. I might just have to conduct it face-to-face in between Mummer-sing (a new verb - ya, I just made it up. Loving it!) and darts.

Countess NATUI: Not to be confused with "Positively 4th Street" - equally nutty, but ultimately less filling.

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