Wednesday, March 5, 2008

She's So Hot Right Now

A little while back, the Baroness had the good fortune of being treated with a visit from Countess JBL (of the Rive Noir principality). She was on her way to her annual family reunion, and as the von Bloggenschtern compound is so close to the airstrip, she decided to stay for a day and catch up before grabbing her connecting flight.

As we got into the back of the Bentley for her departure, I commented on how great she looked in her cute travelling outfit. "Thanks," she said, "it's all cotton". As if this had some magical significance. She must have noticed that I wasn't exactly bowled over by her fabric selection, so she added this innocuous little qualifier, "so that if that plane catches fire, my clothes won't melt on to my body." Wow. Cheery thought, that. Bon voyage, have a good flight, and stay clear of the polyestered granny in your row. She'll go up like a fireball. Especially with all that hairspray.

But here I am, packing up for another foray into the South United States of Amuur-cka, and guess what? I'll be wearing cotton. Don't want to jinx anything. Oh, and in the too much information category, I have neglected any defoliation processes for at least a week. I figure the the hair gives me an extra layer of protection. In case... ya know.

It should be four days of fabulosity with the Countess of Chit Chat, and I will endeavour to keep in touch (when I'm not out stalking Paula Deen and sons) (or in a fried chicken coma at some off-the-beaten path roadside) (or hiding in the car during the Countess' proposed midnight graveyard tour).

Bye for now, y'all!!

The Baroness

PS to Countess NATUI: Rest assured that one of my upcoming travel-rama posts will be regarding the afore-mentioned travel etiquette (or lack thereof). I just need to gather a little more information. And, since I'll be travelling most of tomorrow to get across 2 countries, I'll have plenty of time for subversive observation...


Not Afraid to Use It said...

Ahhhh! The infamous Savannah trip! I'd forgotten. Forgive me. Have a BLAST!!! I'll be up in NoVa soon enough, and will DEF be emailing you.

Lisa said...

Ah, you have such a way with words. I love it. I literally laughed out reading this post. Hilarious!!! Have fun on your trip and say hi to Paula for me. ....Barbra Peapod

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