Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday

For once in her life, The Baroness is actually early with something. Please excuse me for just a moment as I defibrillate the Baron. He's not used to such pre-organization from yours truly. I mean really - my talents lie in much grander arenas than that of planning ahead. Yech. Just the thought makes me shudder slightly.

I found the little gem for this week's TT in the discount bin of the local bookstore. These idiots have no conception of the wonders they're tossing away. Not that I was bargain-hunting or anything like that, I was just, er, passing by (yeah, that's it, passing by...) and it caught my eye. Looking through this little gem far surpasses reading any Reader's Digest/Cliff Notes version of the classics to get to the seed of the plot. For you see, dear readers, this clever fellow David M. Bader, in "Haiku U." , has taken many well-known pieces of literature and distilled the storyline down into one single, elegant passage.

Talk about economy of thought. The oh-so-verbose Baroness could definitely learn a thing or three. Here we go with the summary of Henry David Thoreau's classic work:

Walden, or, Life in the Woods

Morning: Pond-gazing.
Afternoon: Berry-Picking.
What a hectic day.

I hope the tail end of your week does not rush by you at the same harrowing pace as life on Walden Pond. Happy Thursday and Friday, dear readers.

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