Saturday, April 5, 2008

This is the End, My Friend (Day 7)

Ta Dahhhhhhhhh! We made it, people. We are on Day 7 of the "Everything You Kinda Wanted to know about the Baroness But Were Ashamed to Ask" Fact-a-thon.

Because I love you all for coming back again and again, and I have loved doing this so very, very much, I think a Day 7 mini-celebration is is in order! Click here first (don't forget to come back!) - I'll just sit and do some chair dancing...

Was that not just the greatest? I'm sad, though, that little blonde boy has a whopping 35 cents in his piggy back. And it's a real pity about those pumpkin pies (in retrospect, how did that baker continually have a restaurant to work in? Jackass).

Enough nostalgia - it's getting me all emotional and squishy.

And The Baroness doth proclaimeth: It's go time.

9. I know I've kind of covered this before, but it always, always, always bears repeating. I have the most amazing husband. He's the lox to my bagel, the yin to my yang. We really are partners, and he deserves, to quote Scarlett 10,oo0 fabulous points for a) putting up with me, and b) making me laugh every damn day. I am blessed.

8. I do not like to ask for help. And if I should ask, no offense, but it's a last resort. I have exhausted all other possibilities first.

7. I am loyal to a fault.

6. Not many people really know me.

5. Dream vacation #2 - Scotland. I'm afraid if I go here, I might not come back. It's the land of my mom and her clan, and the pull to go there is extremely strong. Plus, I want to see my men in kilts. They could seriously rock the MacTartan.

4. I am not being in any way glib or superlative when I say I have been to hell, and stayed there for two and half very long days. Trust me when I say it is not for the weak, and it smells like Dettol.

3. I have been known, on rare occasions, to be slightly sarcastic (see? I just did it right there). Yes, I know it's the lowest form of humour. Yes, I know it's petty. But it comes to me so easily. It's a gift. And a curse.

2. I love blogging. I know that it might not be the perfect venue for my style of writing, but it's immediate, and I'm impatient, and I can not begin to explain the glee I feel when I write something I consider amusing. Because I'm a tough audience.

And to the person who asked if I ever took the time to read what I'd written prior to pressing the "Publish Post" button, I would answer an emphatic yes. I read them over and over.

1. I love my blends. Ya know, Bl(og) (Fri)ends (thanks to Miss Scarlett for coining such a great word). You are a fascinating group, and for your individual perspectives and the lives you choose to share, I thank you whole-heartedly. I don't believe in coincidence, and I'm so very thankful I stumbled upon your pathways. The learning is definitely in the journey.

Well, darlings, that is it for me. I've laid myself bare, and it's a chilly Canadian day, so I'm off to at least throw on a cardigan.

Baroness - out!!


Not Afraid to Use It said...

This has been a great ride!! I have enjoyed learning all this thing about you--I hope you came to enjoy sharing them with us!

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess NATUI:
Yes, it has definitely been a ride - The Baroness doesn't much like rides. They make her feel all squooshy and discombobulated.

I did like that some of things had resonance with other people, so yeah, that part was cool. And now, I never have to do this again. Almost - I got tagged for a "meme" from Blog Antagonist. Heads up, doll - it's coming your way next...

Anonymous said...

I am #6 and #3. People accuse me of being guarded as if that's bad.? And sarcasm is definitely a gift my blend!

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess SRU: This is very useful information to know. It's usually the people without personal boundaries who tell me I'm guarded. Back off, ya bloody hippies!

And sarcasm is a gift - to be shared
with all blends and non-blends - that keeps on giving. Something. :)

Asthmagirl said...

Eight and Five!

I am the worlds worst delegator because that is the same as asking for help.

And likely my dream trip would include either Ireland and Scotland or both. For one thing Ireland is non smoking in public and my wretched lungs would love that. And the second reason? Pubs. I love a good pub.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess AG: I was not aware of the Ireland anti-smoking guidelines. In our neck of the woods, it's been this way for quite some time, so any time we go somewhere not quite up-to-speed, I am left gasping, and both my sons pitch a fit.

Yay, Eire Country!

Grant Miller said...

I am disloyal to a fault.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Count Miller:

You? Disloyal? Me? Surprised?

Lisa said...

I totally dig the 7-day montage (sp?) of factoids about the Baroness. In fact, I'm sorry it's over. Thanks for sharing!! ... Barbra Peapod

Candy said...

I have waited to the very end to comment, and say we must have been separated at birth. I shall enjoy getting to know you all the better, Baroness.


Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess Babs: Aww, shucks, lady.

The remaining factoids can be discussed over Mai Tai's at your local pub. They do serve Mai Tai's, don't they? You know, with the little umbrella? And a slice of pineapple maybe?

Countess Candy: If we have, indeed, been separated at birth, I hope that it's not like those pictures that they show - nobody comes out looking like a winner in those...

I popped over to your sweet site, and am eager to start getting caught up. Maybe we're not twins, but the same person, like Gwenyth Platrow in Sliding Doors...Hmm. Bears thinking about.

Anyhoo, thanks so much for sticking it out, and for your kind words. Back atcha!!

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