Wednesday, July 16, 2008

For Once In My Life...

... I'm being practical.

Please note here that I had to spell-check this word, as it does not come up in everyday vernacular for me. In fact, for the most part, it runs contrary to everything about me.

I actally shuddered a little bit writing it down.

I'm being practical (brrr) about, of all things, shoes.

This is a very humbling day for me.

For those readers who have been visiting here a while, you all know that The Baroness is a bit of a shoe whore.

If it's shiny, or has some lovely architecture to it, or seems a veritable piece of art - I am SO there.

Comfort seems to run a very distant second.

But here's the deal. In the next couple of weeks, the von B's are off on a jaunt where a LOT of walking will be involved. And while I'm hoping, miracle of miracles, that there is a shoe out there that marries comfort and style - eh, I'm not too hopeful.

All I know is that if my feet get sore, hell will be paid for, big time, in some shape or form. I will become extremely cranky, and (unintentionally) put a huge buzz kill on all the beauty that promises to surround us.

But I am in panic mode. The time is nigh.

So I'm asking you to share - what are the best walking shoes you've ever had? Men in the crowd - please feel free to contribute - The Baron is looking for something to replace the dread white sneakers I refuse to let him bring (can anything scream "tourista" more??).

I and my bitchin' bunion thank you.

**A BIG P.S.:

Not an option.

I may be desperate, but honeys. I still have some standards.


Anonymous said...

I have begun to leave style behind in my everyday life. And you certainly cannot be stylish at 5000 feet.
For comfort in sandals, I love my Keen Newport H2s. Waterproof, conforms to your feet, no slipping, no rubbing, light weight. I could walk in them all day! And have! Pretty? Not so much!

K2 whom you met at the accords treats her bunions to the Crocs you're showing, but wears the open toe version in both flats and heels.

Keen's makes some other sandals I'm investigating, notably the Calistoga which I think is adorable. They also make hiking boots which the husband swears by.

Sorry I am not more help... :-(

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess AG: WHAT are you talking about? This was extremely helpful!
I will go on line to look for Cdn distributors, posthaste! You rock, honey!!

Lisa said...

Hands down, my comfy walking shoes for summer weather are a pair of ugg (brand) slides. Soles aren't slippery .... no heel, but enough of a sole to cushion the foot .... they also work perfectly on cobblestones (something I ALWAYS take into consideration when roaming ... if it's unstable on a cobblestone, forget it!) ... toes can breathe .... natural material so the foot doesn't get too sweaty. They're stylish, but not in a manolo sort of way ... more like the granola tree-hugger way (but in NO WAY do they resemble a Birkenstock ... YUCK!) How's that for an analysis of a glorified flip flop?

And I haven't even gotten to the practical evening shoe genre. I'm gonna give that one some serious thought and get back to you with another comment. It warrants SERIOUS consideration.


Claire said...

There are some cute walking boots and sandals out there - I love my Columbias. I'm so glad you're anti-Crocs. I just don't get them!


Duck said...

I've worn the same pair of flip-flops since like 1912 so I'm of no help. But the Crocs? I once had to run through the Heathrow airport to catch a plane. By the time I reached the gate, the little straps on the back caused the worst blisters known to man.

iPost said...

I hate to admit it. But THOSE are what I where around the house and Wal Mart most days. And when I exercise or walk for any distance, it is my tennies or hiking boots. Can we still be friends?

P.S. Got the SciFi card today. You are crazy, woman! Oh, and you rock too ;0)

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess Claire: Columbia's are definitely easy to find around here - I'll go have a lookey. BTW-nice to hear someone validate my opinion on the meat trays they call shoes.

Countess of Quack: I would love to wear flip flops but they don't have enough support, plus I'm a little worried about having so much foot exposed - I may be a shoe whore, but I'm a germaphobe, too.

Countess iPost: I believe that I have more depth to me than gauging friendship on shoes alone.

You'll just have to either walk slightly ahead or behind. That can work, right? ;)

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Let me know what you end up buying because I need a recommendation, too! LOL

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess NATUI: I'm leaning towards a MaryJane from a company called Josef Siebel (I think they're German)
(duh), or Prive. I have to do some more re-con work, and then I'll let you know for sure.

Whoo hoo! Comfortable shoe shopping!

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