Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hey, Hey, We're the Monk-ees

Strictly in the name of fashion (some may say in the face of fashion), the Baroness often wears a sweater over her shoulders.

This happens for many reasons.

One, I never know from one minute to the next if I'm going to get cold - since my chemo, my internal barometer has gone whicketty whack.

Two, I feel I have upper arm issues. And while I participate in a twelve-step program for that, and dutifully take my anti-anxiety medication, I may feel the need to cover them at a moment's notice.

But here's the very interesting Number Three. It dawned on me, not so long ago, as I had my sweater tied around my neck, and the body of it majestically falling on my shoulders and halfway down my back, that all that Batman I watched as a child has permeated my brain - I want to be a superhero.

And this whole sweater thing? Forget reason one and two - all I really want is a cape. I want to feel invincible.

As a corollary of this, I noticed while on the ferry yesterday that a great majority of younger people have taken to wearing hooded sweatshirts. It seems to be a global thing, as we've hosted exchange students from all over the world, and they all use these hoodies as their overgarment of choice.

But on the ferry, and while driving around doing errands, I notice that a lot of them also like to wear the hood up.

What does this mean?

Are their heads cold?

Are they having hair issues?

Or, perhaps, are they wishing that they were monks - searching for some spirituality, some peace, some guidance?


(Superhero Baroness will have to use her supersonic powers and try to find this out. Once I decide on either the cotton or the lambswool cape...)


neutron said...

Definitely lambswool ;)

As for the hoodies, maybe they're just trying to be unique, i.e. I have a hoodie and you don't!

iPost said...

I am a cotton girl myself. Please hurry up and develop your super powers so you can come and rescue me from the 'tween nightmare I am living right now.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Count of Ping Pong: I think, sadly, the uniqueness of it all gets lost when 6 billion youth all have the same idea.

Now full-on monk robes with hoods? THERE'S a trend just begging to happen. Look how hot it made Paul Bellamy look in The Da Vinci Code.

Countess iPost: Tweens? Consider yourself lucky, sister. I cannot come to your assistance right now, as I am using every force available to me to deal with Lad Lethargic and Maven Man (aged 15 and 18).

But maybe if we combine forces like the Megatron.... ;)

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I am DEF a hoodie girl. I don't necessarily wear the hood up, but there is definitely something of a badass feel to it.

Lisa said...

I dig my hoodies, but never put the hood up unless I'm trying to impersonate the Unibomber. But ... I also wear the sweater cape upon occasion, but only to work. It's my costume that makes me look conservative and tamed. haha

.... babspeapod

Memaw's memories said...

My grandson is called Superhero when I talk about him on my blog. He is at times Batman, and at times Superman, depending on which set of pj's are clean.

I made him a batman cape which he proudly wears-even to the coffee shop with his dad.

I also convinced him that I was WonderWoman in my younger days, but when I got old and fat, I had to turn in my costume. I have also convinced him that John Wayne is Bruce Wayne's dad.

My oldest grandson wears hoodies. I call him the unibomber all the time.

MommyWizdom said...

It is indeed a mystery, the elusive hoodie.
Have you noticed there aren't very many popular female super heroes? Our choices are very limited!

Next to Superman, Batman has always been my favorite too.

RiverPoet said...

I have never had chemo, thank God, but I have the hot/cold issues, too. I never know if I'm going to be freezing, so I usually keep a light jacket in the car (yes, even in summer).

I never thought about the cape thing. What are your superpowers? I remember running around the yard with a piece of remnant material tied around my neck. I wanted to fly. I don't know what superhero thing I could do if I was able to fly, but that's what I hoped for. Oh, that and super vision (because I have such bad eyes...).

Peace - D
(formerly "Momma")

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess NATUI: Hoodies=badass or hoods up = badass?

Because I'm sorry, hon, all I'm beginning to see is a bunch of Benedictines on skateboards. Watcheth outeth, or I'll rolleth over your posterior, dear damsel...

Countess Babs: Oh, your office alter-ego. Love it!

Countess MeeMaw: What a good MeeMaw you are! And how lucky for you to have a caped crusader grandson!

Countess MoWiz: How I dreamed of being Batgirl! That bitchin' black unitard, and her alter ego had the most DIVINE cat's eye glasses. Although I did kind of dig Julie Newmar's Catwoman - now THERE'S a badass...

Countess RiverPoet (LOVE the new moniker!!): My superpowers? I have a freakishly sensitive sense of smell - no boozin' or smokin' up for the vonB children - I will know before they even get in the door.

I can also go to my mental happy place with lightning speed. One minute I'm witnessing Pointless Argument of the Day #37, the next second I'm reading on a beach in Maui, Mai Tai in hand.

And what are yours, dear lady?

Bubs said...

The hoodie wearers I meet wear it up so that it's harder to identify them later in a lineup. And it obscures the view of the security cameras.

Baroness von B said...

Count of Tiki: When robbing the local 7-11 (or "18" as we call it chez vonB), I much prefer a mask - doesn't muss up my mall hair.

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