Friday, October 3, 2008

I Know I'm Canadian, But...

... am I missing something here?

Why is it that all reports today talk about how Sarah Palin did a "respectable" job in last night's debate?

Was I getting an alternate universe satellite feed?

Because the most prevalent thoughts that crossed my mind were:

a) that the writers of "The Daily Show" should be bowing and scraping to the producers of the debate; their work for today was almost entirely done for them, complete with a subject bar underneath Ms. Palin's talking head that was so clearly NOT the topic she was yabbering on about.

b) Tina Fey has one of the cushiest SNL guest-gigs in the world.

Duke 2, who was home late last night, was caught watching the taped recording of the debate, rather that what he had originally intended to watch when he got home - Survivor and The Office.

When he was asked why, he sheepishly yet astutely said "It's like crack - I can't stop watching".

Out of the mouths of babes, people.

To all you "Joe Six Packs" out there: TGIF, buddy. Have a rockin', amped-up weekend, gettin' loaded and huntin' for endangered species on your new ATV.

To the rest, I don't know what to tell you.

The view from my kitchen window?



Mental P Mama said...

I am going to have a great weekend because I'm such a Maverick by golly.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess MPM: Yes, you are.

A LUCITE maverick. Hah!

Asthmagirl said...

Girlfriend turned it because I was yelling at the TV. I promised to watch quietly and she turned it back on. I couldn't get enough of the plain speakin'

thetravelingb-aka the Countess of YickYack said...

Do you think if Joe Biden had kept winking at us they would have wondered if he was having a small stroke. OMG......a heart beat away. Good thing I still have my papers for Canada and the fact my two sons live of there is a great comfort. Just in case the loonatics continue to run the asylum (there is the letter u,s and a in that word) i probably spelled it wrong but you get my point.

Bubs said...

I know what you mean. I came in to work this morning and some coworkers were talkign about how she kicked ass, and what an idiot Biden looked like.


The good thing is that the polls coming in show that Biden won. Ignore the pundits, who are basically rewarding Palin for not doing as crappy as they pronounced she might do.

And ignore the rightwing blowhards who are aroused and attracted by the very nonsense that regular people find ridiculous and repugnant.

You betcha!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Thank god we didn't have any gnats in our living room last night because my mouth hung open for 90 solid minutes. How anyone can say she answered all the questions well boggles the mind. America is a very scary place today.

Candy said...

Dude...I dunno how to defend us through this. We're just a country full of idiots, who think the best people to run the country are people "just like us!"

I'm disgusted with all of us. I'm moving to Canada. If you'll have me.

rusty said...

That was a terrifying prospective bird's eye view into what will happen if the "McPalin" ticket gets elected, ewwwww, creepy!

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess AG: I lost track of how many time I screamed at the tv "Answer the f***ing QUESTION!!!".

And what's with the moderator not bringing her back around?

Countess of YickYack: Your room is always waiting for you - you know that.

Count Tiki: Wink!

Countess NATUI: Yeah. Like I said, I can see America from my kitchen window. And there's 2 big clouds hanging overhead. One with
rimless glasses and the other's about 100 years old.

Countess Candy: No defending necessary. It's just the way it is. Unless of, course, your last name is "Bush", then you better start talking...

You are more than welcome to hang here for a while. But you gotta chew with your mouth closed, and do your own laundry.

Countess Rusty: How will she fulfill her vice-presidential duties when she's spending all her free time kissing her Pres' butt? Oh, and with all the time she'll spend making big changes in the Senate. Gah!

I don't know why I'm getting so worked up about this; I don't even live there! I guess I just don't suffer fools gladly.

And I don't like winkers.

RiverPoet said...

Um...yeah. She was like an automaton up there, repeating her script like a good little Stepford candidate and not daring to answer the liberal media, "How's that for ya, huh? Can I call you Joe?"


I just threw up a little..


{i}Post said...

No comment. I think they both sucked. And I think I am seriously putting my husband, Brian, in as a write on, and then votibng for him. I just can't stomach anything else.

A Spot of T said...

I'm Canadian so I try to pay more attention to our election coming up. I will admit to watching a bit of the VP debate but Joe Biden's weird freakish smile kind of freaked me out. So I switched channels and watched our lovely debate over here in Canada. All I can say is Jack Layton? WTF??? Apparently it's a mess all over the world when it comes to elections right now.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess D: "Can I call you Joe?". A clear sign the cutesy Olympics were about to commence. Bleh & double bleh.

As for the Stepford reference - a friend of mine and I were likening her to the lady/fembot at the beginnng of "Total Recall", who is only programmed to answer how long her visit will be - 2 weeks. It's her answer for anything, and then her head eventually short-circuits and explodes.

We can only hope. Don't get me wrong here, she may be a lovely person one-to-one, but she's so far out of her league as a higher-echelon government official, it's beyond laughable.

Countess iPost: I initially thought Biden was being a little too slick, but when he hammered home the point about losing his wife and children, and raising others on his own, I gave in. His "elder statesman" status swayed me back. Having said that, I would vote for Brian, as he has a very neat closet.

Countess of Tea: I did feel guilty (for about 10 seconds) for not watching our Canadian roundtable. It's just more of the same, and they all appear to be like bravado 16 year teenaged boys. I've got that already, thanks.

And just when I think that Layton might have something worthwhile to listen to, he puts on his redneck yahoo face, and I glaze over and go to my happy place.

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