Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm On Board - Quadrant 3

It's been a while.

Do you even remember this? Or this?

No worries.

We'll just move on to this -
a wee glimpse into what I glimpse at when I'm trying to decide what to write, and what not to write. It may be surprising, considering the sheer volume of words I tend to pour onto the page, but I do self-edit a lot. And often(my, oh, my - this blog would be such a different place if I didn't have the Debbie Downer filter cranked up to 11).

In a very Alice-in-Wonderland-ish sort of way, it's also a wee doorway into the outer chambers of the inner workings of the Baroness (it's so much more tidy to keep all the mechanical stuff behind a door somewhere.). So, let's all take the pill to make us small and see what we find...

I talked last week about His Greenness, Mr. Sal E. Mander of Maui, Hawaii. I also raved about the faboo architecture of Savannah.

Another place with breathtaking architecture that the vonB's recently visited was Chicago. It really is my kind of town.

But I'm not talking about the riverfront:

or Millennium Park (although that ginormous jelly bean - shiny!),with the spewing humanoid fountain and the Gehry-designed Jay-Pritzker Pavillion:

I'm talking ivy, people. I'm talking Harry Carey sculpture.

I'm talking Wrigley.

This, aside from Fenway, was one of the Meccas that the Baron has been wanting to pilgrimmage to for years. So, with time a-wastin', we did. We crammed a whole lot of Chicago into the 4 days we were there, but the picture of Duke 2 in his Cubs hat is one of the defining moments of that trip. It was quite possibly one of the happiest afternoons we all have spent together as a family.

The map tucked into the corner of the board is of The British Isles. Perhaps you remember this question as part of an long-ago logic exam:

Wrigley Field is to the Baron as ______ is to the Baroness:
a) The Gator Bowl
c) Scotland
d) Hunting

I'm sure you chose "c" (it's always "c"). And you would be right. I can't wait to get my men in kilts and go roamin' in the gloamin'. This will fill my heart with joy.

The business cards tucked in the edge are of our past Rotary exchange student from Germany, the beautiful Fraulein Felicitas; the top one is for a doggy daycare where we take Zeus the Wonder Pug once a week. Strictly for socialization.

It has nothing to do with the fact that I have a limited tolerance to letting him in and out and in and out and in and out of the house. All day. (as a quick aside here, if any of you know Cesar Milan personally, we could use some help here)

I know, I know. Doggy Daycare. How freakin' precious. But I feel a responsibility to my dog to try and get him to think like he's a dog, instead the mini-human he believes he is.

To date, this has not been a successful endeavour. I refuse to give up, though. One day, he'll actually initiate playing with another dog, and I will know that God's work has been done.

The matchbook is from one of my favorite places on Earth, Nye's Polonaise Room in Minneapolis, MN. Schnitzel, bratwurst, polka. Does life get any better? When AJ actually thought to snag me a matchbook before we left? My heart grew 10 times that day. That kid's going places.

The postcard (sorry I could never part with this one, Countess iPost!) is from one of my favorite kitsh-a-terias, Sophie's Cosmic Cafe. Who doesn't love a place that serves breakfast all day? Because, I maintain, anytime is a good time for oatmeal. Hellz to the ya on that one, people.

Last, but certainly not least is a card from the Deck of SARK.

Now this one is entitled "Being a Succulent Wild Woman", but I'm quite sure that there is no advice on feminine hygiene products nor nail polish, so it could go for the dudes, too. Here's some things to aspire to, boys and girls:
Be Delicious
Discover Your Own Goodness
Smile When You Feel Like it
Be Rare, Eccentric and Original
Describe Yourself as Marvelous
Paint Your Soul
Investigate Your Dark Places with a Flashlight
Make More Mistakes!
Tell the Truth Faster
You Are Enough You Have Enough You Do Enough

This woman? She's a genius. I swear.


Mental P Mama said...

Oh I love me my SARK! By the way, I chose "C"!

These have been very interesting forays into your royal sanctum. Thanks for playing;)

Baroness von B said...

Countess MPM: SARK, SARK, SARK! She just make me sing and dance around; I love her so.

I'm glad you knew the "C" trick - it is invaluable...

Thank you, too, for being the only one to show up to the party today. More MaiTais for us!

Anonymous said...

I love the view into the inner workings!
And the Succulent Wild Woman thing is amazing!

{i}Post said...

The postcard in the corner? With they guy jumping over the drop o'death? You totally did send that one to me! You must have picked up two and sent one to me, being the wonderful, generous person you are!


Baroness von B said...

Countess AG: I urge you to pick up some SARK - I started with "Change Your Life Without Getting Out of Bed". She's a marvel!

Countess iPost: While I did at post on that postcard, I'm almost certain I didn't send you one - have you been around the laminator fumes for a little too long, hon? ;)

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