Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm On Board

Just recently, I have noticed that on a couple of my absolutely favorite sites there has been a "challenge" of sorts initiated by the blogosphere's famous Mrs. G.

This involves a photo essay of a typical "Day in the Life".

While I was captivated by both the days of AsthmaGirl and Mental P Mama, I soon realized that there is never a typical day in the life at the von Bloggenschtern household, so how could I ever hope to document such an ever-changing landscape? Not that my days are extraordinary, they are just chaotic - one might have to take dangerously high doses of dramamine before viewing.

So I thought and I thought.

And pondered.

And threw in a dabble of mulling.

And then I sprained my hypothalamus and had to lie down for a few hours.

But, Eureka! I decided I would spend a few Tuesdays giving y'all a glimpse into a place that rarely changes. A place in close proximity to where all this magic happens - the bulletin board above my computer:

If you were to shake me vigorously to unsettle some of my fondest memories, these items would topple out of my brain, via my left ear.

This board is where I look for outward inspiration & where I go inward for my mental sanctuary.

It reminds me of where I've been, what's important to me, and sometimes it just nags me about what I have to get going on.

Without further ado, let's start picking this baby apart, shall we? Quadrant by quadrant.

Quadrant 1
(click to enlarge)

1. The cell phone number of my California cousin, to whom I rarely speak. Her mom is my 2nd-to-last surviving aunt. As my family line has dwindled out over the years, I have never learned about the demise of my aunts and uncles from my any of my cousins. It has always been through this particular aunt, who I guess is the macabre family historian.

When Auntie leaves this mortal coil, I will never know unless I break down and call said cousin to ensure I'm not left out of the loop (yet again). This is a difficult subject to brooch, and one I am not particularly looking forward to. Yet it must be done.


2. The picture of the tree has kind of a cool story. The year I was in Grade 1, it was the 100th anniversary of the confederation of Canada. While for some, confederacy celebrations would include the eating of cake and waving of paper flags, we were all given pine trees to take home and plant. I thought pine was more of a Swedish thing, but what did I know? I was only 6. Jeez. Go Canada!

By some miracle, even though there have been 2 subsequent families in the house since we moved, the tree has always remained, and is now a pretty good testament to Canadian living. I recently paid homage to it, and took a couple of pine cones to start this process again. This could be cool.

3. The postcard was just to remind me to keep things in perspective, like my leetle friend with the darling hat. (a nod to the girls over at CNN...)

4. The circle postcard is from a visit to Chicago's Art Institute. It's one of those prismatic ones that change depending on how you look at it.



So me.

5. Thank you card from the Dry After Grad Committee. This was the group that I was involved with last year, and the one I complained bitterly and immaturely about to whomever would listen (until there was no one left to listen).

The card was a lovely sentiment I was so not expecting. This made it all the more special.

6. The "Dharma Works" business card was from a fellow I met a few years ago, when our nephew was doing an installment at a sculpture park in Washington State. We had ourselves a grand old time; it was on Mother's Day, and I got to be Jake's West Coast mommy at the pre-show breakfast spread they provided. Sweet!

It was all so lovely; I met some fascinating artists, and saw some amazing work. Click here to view the awesomeness that is our nephew.

7. Ah, the fake moustache -for those days when mine, disappointingly, does not come in quite the way I would like it to.

Nah. I found them at one of my favorite dollar stores, and people - it was love at first sight. Each one has its own name (this one is "The Scoundrel"). How can you not love that? (you can get your own set, right here!)

For a time, Duke 2 was quite fond of wearing one on all special occasions (I believe it was "The Smarty"). So, it seemed only appropriate that for his 13th birthday, with Humour as the theme (think whoopie cushions, rubber chickens, and wind-up chattering teeth), these would find a place of honor in the mix.

8. This was a fridge magnet of my mom's that we got her from one of our favorite little slices of heaven-on-earth, Saltspring Island (I'm such the fine BC ambassador...)

This island is an artisan's (and artisan seeker's) paradise, with studios and gardens around every bend in the road. We found this at Everlasting Summer (special thanks to the vonB men for toughing out the 20 whole minutes we had to spend here - I know how tortuous it was for you. And should I ever forget, you are always sure to remind me).

I chose it originally because of the picture of the hydrangeas (love 'em). Interestingly enough, it's a U.S. stamp. I was not aware that the mail went both ways.

9. The ceramic sun/moon is from a little shop in Playa del Carmen that I was entranced by. Come for the shiny, stay for the color. I'm such a good little tourista.

It just seemed to sum up all things good about our Mexican vacation - the warmth, the beauty, the simplicity. Ahh. Me thinkee that it's marguerita time somewhere...

10. The pampered dictator of the vonB roost. And it's not me! Behold the great pugness known as Zeus.

Shortly after we got him, we noticed that he had some bumps on his belly, so quickly rushed him to the veterinarian. "Ah, they're just harmless nubbins", said Dr. Signoveryourpaycheck.

So Zeus became known as McNubbin. (Note please that this was wa-a-a-y before the movie "Superbad" came out - we are nothing if not visionaries...).

Then we noticed that the lustly Z. was falling head over heels in lurve with his doggy bed.

McNubbin became Pinky McNubbin.

One night, watching the Westminster Dog Show, we came to the sad realization that our dog had no fancy-schmantzy breeder's name.

And so that night, then and there, he was knighted with a proper title, one befitting a hound of the vonBloggenschtern principality:
Sir Pinky McNubbin of the Manchester McNubbins

Ooh, that dog. He's such a handful.

Well, maybe two hands full.

OK, five.


{i}Post said...

WOWZERS! i feel like we have been BFF, like forever, now that i know all this about you! Thanks for showing us your life ;0)

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess iPost: Are you being sarcastic, woman? Because I'm so not in the mood.

If you're not, well then. Never mind.

I figure if I reveal myself in dribs and drabs, the eventual me won't be so jarring.

You know, like The Elephant Man. (but with better shoes)

Bubs said...

I like that.

Baroness von B said...

Count Tiki: I'm a little slow on the uptake today - you like what now?

Mental P Mama said...

This is much awesomeness. That mustache is to die for, and that dog? Well, I'm just blown over by his McNubbined self.

Baroness von B said...

Countess MPM: He's a lovely poochie, yet he constantly looking concerned.

And, to quote the lovely Tim Gunn, "this concerns me...".

Dale said...

I was hoping for the cell number to be showing, I haven't crank called anyone in a while. Nice idea!

Baroness von B said...

Count Dale: Oooh, no. I think that a crank call would completely unhinge my delicate constitution-ed Cali cousin.

Which, I suppose, may have been your intent.

But I've got some weird contractual obligation to protect. Ack.

A Spot of T said...

Weird. Not you. Ok maybe you. But I have a bulletin board as well. I just cleaned it off not too long ago and it remains on the floor in front of my desk. So unless I drape myself over my desk it's not giving me much inspiration right now. I must fix this. I also must get me one of those mustaches because I laugh every time I look at it. I know. It doesn't take much with me.

Baroness von B said...

Countess of Tea: Yeah, I'll admit to weirdness. So good to know I have some company!

The moustache thing has such a soft spot in my heart; imagine a 8 year old wearing this downtown while we go to an art exhibit. People on the street are telling him "Hey, dude - nice 'stash!", and he's beaming like a golden ray of sun.

These SO rock and were were every 100 of the pennies I paid for them.

Baroness von B said...

were WORTH every one of the blah blah blah. It's bedtime for the weirdo.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

what a cool idea for a post. And as for the "Believe" on your board? Madame, I do believe you are channeling Monsieur Mulder. I knew I loved you.

Baroness von B said...

Countess NATUI:

I may be channeling Mulder, but my husband can assure you that I am in no way channeling Duchovny...

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