Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday

When I was on my huge self-help kick a few years back, I became smitten with a particular bookstore close to one the beaches near my home.

At a time when my guts roiled daily, the sound of the ebb and flow of the water could have been calming enough.

But then, on top of that, to enter this shorefront bookstore was an extra ahhhhhhhh. As soon as I crossed the threshold, and took in that big whiff of new books and potential, I was peacefully quieted.

It was here that I first read the words of Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, known to her beloved readers as simply SARK.

This lovely woman had a tough go of things early on, and from those times of retreating inward, she gestated this amazing spirit - she speaks to you as if she has known and loved you forever, and she is always there to gently urge you to stop beating yourself up, to move onward and upward.

She has a new book out: "Juicy Pens and Thirsty Paper: Gifting the World with your Words and Stories and Creating the Time and Energy to Actually Do It".

Her myspace page is here.

If the titleof the book wasn't enough to draw you in, how about this quote, which I'm quite sure will resonate with quite a few of us:

"You write your life. You dare to be viewed and projected upon as wildly successful and ingenious. To write yourself open. To write through the closures and scars and insecurities and sometimes loud voices that repeatedly say: How Dare you? and answer just as profoundly This is How I Dare."

Let's all attempt, in our own unique fashions, to be daring today.


Mental P Mama said...

I'm with you. I love her, and didn't know she had a new book out...I need a B&N fix, too.

csquaredplus3 said...

You're right - the title alone draws me in, and what a wonderful quote.

Thank you for introducing me to someone new!

Wish I lived close to a shorefront bookstore. Lucky you!

Baroness von B said...

Countess Mama: How did I know that you would know her already? Enjoy your B & N trip; I'm more of an Amazon gal.

Countess Mathematique: I am very lucky - not only is it a bookstore, it has a coffee shop attached to it.
Does life get any better than books and caffeine? I think not. :)

RiverPoet said...

The book sounds fantastic, like something that every serious blogger needs to have!

Thanks for sharing it with us :-)

Peace - D

Blog Antagonist said...

How is it I never heard of this woman?? I'm intrigued and will definitely check her out. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that! In fact, what I just posted should fall under "daring".

I'm loving your photo!

Baroness von B said...

Countess D: She has such a beautiful soul, this SARK - probably would resonate with a poet like yourself.

Countess BA: I, for one, am shocked that you have not heard of her. Shocked! (well, not really).

SARK can come across as a little woo-woo hippy dippy sand candle to those unfamiliar with her lovely ways.

But she is so delicious and inspirational. Check her out. I implore you.

Countess AG: Like I said in your post - you've got the daring thing down, no contest. I hope many read your post and the message spreads far and wide.

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