Friday, December 19, 2008

Ah, One of "Those"

I am one of "those people".

You know the ones - the ones who believe that things happen for a reason.

That peoples' paths cross for a reason.

That people say things, write things, try to re-connect - all for a reason.

The Baron thinks that I'm one of "those people" because I read too much into every little thing. That I focus on the minutia. That I think too much.

I do not believe that anyone can think too much. It is my belief that if the majority of people only spent a little more time reflecting on things, the world could potentially be a much better place.

In this vein, I must give credence to the e-mail received yesterday from an old friend of mine. We haven't chatted much as of late, though we've had no falling out; there are no hard feelings being harbored here.

We just have two lives that I thought didn't intersect at all in the Grand Venn diagram.

Yet, when I watched what she had sent me, I knew immediately that regardless of the lack of contact, there is a thread - fine as silk and strong as steel - woven between our lives that neither distance nor time will never weaken.

It is the transcendence of friendship, and it is eternal and beautiful and spiritual.

Take a look, and in the spirit of the season, think of sending this gift of appreciation and admiration to one of your long-ago friends...


{i}Post said...

Ahhh! I don't have sound! I will have to break out the laptop if I can get it to work. I know what you mean, though. There is just something that ties the heartstrings of two women's souls for sure.

Mental P Mama said...

I watched this with my friends the other day. So beautiful.

Anonymous said...

you made me cry at work again, dammit. Love you.

AG said...

Things like this make you re-examine. And remember.

Love you...

Patty Cakes said...

i just watched this as the first time i didn't have sound. I am so lucky that you are that friend who forgives me when i say something i shouldn't, who was there to answer my call when my brother died, was there to answer when my daughter passed the bar or my son got engaged. I know you will be there in the valleys as well as the journey to the mountain top as I will be there for your journeys. you were not my sister by birth but by accident and choice. your are my north star who lets me know when i am off track and you gently guide me back...okay sometimes not so gently. thank you my sister.

the countess of yy

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I've seen that video before, and it is amazing. I am glad that you and your friend have that "red thread" as the Swedes call it that connects you.

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