Saturday, February 14, 2009

Barry White, Troubadour of Love, And...

...apparently Jewish.

And I quote from one of the quintessential smoochey-face & miscellaneous related ensuing shenanigans songs - "Never Never Going to Give You Up",

"...Never ever going to quit,
'Cause quitting just ain't my schtick..."

Really, Mr. White?


Love it.

Welcome to the tribe, my soulful mischpucha.

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Mental P Mama said...

Oh, dear! Happy Valentine's Day;)

formerly fun said...

I grew up in an area that was about(at least my highschool) a third Jewish. So many of those yiddish phrases became second nature that I say them to this day.

There were so many cute Jewish boys but I was surprised to find out from friends that most of them were expected to marry Jewish girls. Many a night I seriously pined to be Jewish. Mischpucha indeed.

{i}Post said...

Hehe! Happy Valentine's Day!

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