Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Well, I don't know about you, but there are very few people on the face of God's green earth who are more looking forward to the calendar clicking over from today to tomorrow than yours truly.

Ah, Spring.

I did see a robin bob-bob-bobbin' along in my back yard last week - this has always been my own personal indicator of Spring.

And then?

It snowed.


But tomorrow? It is official.

People will be accountable.

(Mostly weatherman - but do they really count?)(I'll talk about these "meteorologists " -which rank right up there with "mixologists" and "scatologists" - some other day... )

We all recognize that one of the most disheartening things about the weather is its unpredictability. We are left, most times, being reactive rather than proactive to what befalls us.

But it recently occurred to me that one of the other things that is so troubling about inclement weather is its enormity.

There is nothing like raging winds and driving sleet to make one feel like a mere speck in the grand scheme of things. It is easy to feel lost and inconsequential.

I'm hoping that today's quote from SARK will give you the comfort and warmth you need, when she tells you:

You are seen
You are known
You are loved

May your tomorrow be filled with a flock of robins, a splash of crocuses, and a feeling of renewal.


imom said...

Amen sista! I love SARK!

Anonymous said...

Yes Baroness, ma'am! Spring cannot arrive fast enough. I'm just celebrating the fact we've had two whole days of POSITIVE temperatures! I'm stir crazy after a winter on the prairies and ready for some hot summer action, baby.

Ahem...I've calmed down now. But I'm still sipping my Tim Horton's and dreaming of July by the lake.

Mental P Mama said...

Amen, and amen. I love SARK! Happy Spring;)

RiverPoet said...

Oh honey, it's TIME! I'm so ready!


baroness von b said...

Countess iMom: Isn't she the best? I fell in love with her when she touted the virtues of napping.

Countess V-Killah: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We both know who wins the crap winter contest between the two of us. Show-off. Please tell me that you're at least drinking something hot from Timmy's and not an IceCap.

Because that would REALLY be showing off.

Countess Mama: Back atcha, darling! 4 more months until a hot, humid July. I. Cannot. Wait.

Countess D: This seems to be the consensus, non? I just hope that Spring doesn't start suffering from performance anxiety...

Anonymous said...

While I'm trying not to be a gloomy girl, I'm just hoping whoever is in charge of the weather has looked at the calendar.

Sandi said...

I just wrote about spring myself, but not with the same positive attitude.

Freaky Jewelry said...

I'm about done with the cold weather myself. It doesn't really snow here (except at higher elevations, like the Sierras), but there's still a nice little chill in the air. Thanks for your beautiful post!

baronessvonb said...

Countess AG: Coming from the same general vicinity, I can completely understand the gloomy outlook. The only difference is that we Canadians are too polite to complain, we just keep it inside until we all have peptic ulcers.

Countess Sandi: Moi? Positive? Oh, lady, you do turn my head.

Countess de Belle Bijoux: There's the chill that has a whisper of Spring in it. And then there's its ugly cousin...

As for you being done, we'll all skooch over to make room for you!
It's almost April, for goodness sake!

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