Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Every Baroness Should Have a Castle

I know what you're thinking.

It's only kings and queens who have castles.

You may remember from an earlier post that, damn it all, I am going to be a rebel. I'm not going to make history by being well-behaved or by dreaming small.

Like my pal Sandy says, "Bigger's better, more is best."

So I'm thinking that instead of some crappy timeshare in Puerto Vallarta, I should have a castle.

You know, a fortress. A stronghold. Something substantial, but still something that feels all snuggly and comfy inside. Something that makes me sigh because of its structural beauty.

Here's the castle I choose:

Nathan Fillion, a.k.a. Rick Castle

Not only was he born in the same city as me(I see this as a plus - shared history and all that), he's funny and rogue-ish and all kinds of variations of yummy.

If you've not ever heard of my castle, I urge you to rent the movie "Waitress".

He'll charm your moat right off.


Anonymous said...

Is there room for Hop Sing in your castle............PS I wouldn't mind sloppy seconds with this white castle..........hahahahahahah

The Vegetable Assassin said...

He showed up in something I was watching the other day, now what was it...agh, that's going to annoy me all night now.

LOST! That was it. He showed up in Lost. Season Three. Phew. That prevented a night of headaches.

Mental P Mama said...

Is that the one with all the pies? If it is, I love him, too. And I'm sorry to be so movie-dense this evening. I am very blonde and very tired this week. Thank you for your patience.

baronessvonb said...

Countess Anonymous: I know who you are - who else would be so,um, forthcoming?

As to the White Castle reference, all I can think of is sliders. Is that wrong?

Countess v-Killah: I did not know about "Lost", though this is still not incentive for me to start watching. And really, I'll watch him reading a phone book.

formerly fun said...

I'll be your Lady in Waiting, uh, lady in waiting for you to finish so I can have a piece.

Saying that kinda made me feel like a cougar, and I'm only 35.

baronessvonb said...

Countess Mama: You may be blonde, but your memory is excellent! Who could possibly not like a movie with pies AND him???

And for you darling, I have a boatload of patience.

Countess FF: So you're a young cougar. The elder of the species has to get started somewhere... :)

asthmagirl said...

That's a nice castle. Can I come visit?

baronessvonb said...

Countess AG: I'll lower the drawbridge - c'mon over.

imom said...

Yes indeed, he was adorable in Waitress. I haven't seen the new show yet. I might have to check it out.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess iMom: It is worth a look. In "Waitress", he was kind of cute-dorky. In "Castle", he's sexy-dorky. Mmmmm.

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