Sunday, July 12, 2009

An Affair to Remember

Recipe for amusement of the highest magnitude:

Rope youngest son into being the official vonB photographer (I love ya, kid),

Take 1 of these:
(step off, ladies - he's all mine. And I do mean 'all'...)

Add two of these:
Apply liberal amounts of bedazzled badonk-a-donk, a dash or two of goofy to taste, sparkle with shiny, the slightest hint of nerple from the Baron...and voila!

You get three fabulous 'What Not to Wear's ready to participate in the 2009 Underwear Affair, an annual charity race for cancers below the waist.

Then, because of our celebrity status (?), add some police protection (doesn't HE just look so menacing?)

And we're off. . .

In true Canadian fashion, all facets of the population were represented:

Local Flora,

West Coast Fauna,
(I think there may have been some cross-pollination going on at the after-party)

(a rare sighting - the moldy green fur is the result of all the rain we get)

and beavers.
(that is some fine-looking tail, mister)

While it wasn't too length a walk, the Countess of YikYak and I were feeling a little schvitzy; apparently being a superhero is hot work. We decided to have a rest and take in the scenery:
We did eventually manage to struggle against all rules of physics and get our gargantuan butts up to finish the race.

And then, as quickly as it started, poof!

The affair was over.

I guess there's always next summer.
The End(s).
A million colon-felt thanks to all my kind-hearted friends and blends who generously supported me in this worthwhile fundraiser. As of this morning, our team The Colon Crusaders had raised $10, 867 towards research into finding a cure for all of those insidious yet under-funded cancers below the waist - ovarian, colorectal, uterine, testicular, prostate. And we were just one team of many.

And of course, I must give props to my sistah partner in crime - I can always rely on her to raise our antics to a whole new level.

Love ya, PattyCakes!


Asthmagirl said...

I don't know if I'm tearing up because of all the money you raised for cancer or because of all costumes and shenanigans that made me laugh so hard.

Way to go Baron and Baroness (and tribe)! Well done, indeed!

Anonymous said...

My life is now complete.

♥~♥ Nine Acres ♥~♥ said...

*belly laugh* Now that is a feat to beat! What will you do next year?


Not Afraid to Use It said...

Damnit!!! The photos aren't loading! I know I am missing out on something really special here! Boo!

Country Girl said...

Oh, now that was just too funny. Loved those watermelon helmets, too. See you Thursday!

baronessvonb said...

Countess AG: I read that the final total was over $607,000. Well worth being married to a cross-dresser.

Countess Schmee: Hahahaha back. Is this all it takes to complete your life? Man, will I save some money come December...

Countess T: Next year, I'm starting my own team, "The Semi Colons"; am still playing around with the costume design.

Countess NATUI: Wah. I'll try to remember to bring my laptop & a flashdrive.

Countess CG: Ah, youth. Who else would endeavor to run a 10K race w/a watermelon on their heads? A bientot, cherie!!

formerly fun said...

Ah, a post where I am moved to laughter and get a little gooey eyed. This is awesome, how great to take something so serious and make it fun and lighthearted too. I think granny panties are the new banana peel, just funny in nearly every situation.

stacy said...


i love it.

be very proud of yourselves.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess FF: May I forever use your banana peel quote - I just LOVE it!
(It will come in especially handy when the Countess of YikYak and I are incarcerated in our senior's villa...)

Countess Stacy: I'm just thrilled by the whole event - over $650,000 raised! Woot!

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