Friday, July 3, 2009

Really - Aren't We ALL a Little Dotty?


I hear it's some sort of bank holiday-type thingy for a lot of you tomorrow.

Here's a little sump-thin that will make your foray into all that tummy-rumbling picnic fare seem boldly justified, and maybe even a little cultural.

A flatulent soprano named Dotty
had a luncheon of beans and biscotti
Then, I'm sad to depart,
Her intestines took part
In her duet with poor Pavarotti

Three cheers for your red, white and blue!

[I wish you this because: a) we share a border, and b) I think the world of you all]

[But mostly c) I don't want you pissed off at me - I know how scary patriotic y'all can get. . .]


Bubs said...

Thank you for the holiday wishes Baroness! We'll make sure and point the guns away from you when we get all likkered up and start firing them off in the air later this weekend.

And don't be alarmed by that loud bellowing of "USA USA USA". It's just something we do.

Cormac Brown said...

Oh, now I feel bad for not wishing you a Happy Canada Day.

Er, Happy Belated Canada Day.

Snowflake.Jake said...

In case you were curious, dear mother Baroness, your next post will be your 300th.

Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Now I know what not to eat at pub prior to our cross country flight...

Mental P Mama said...

We can celebrate together in two weeks!

formerly fun said...

I am not terribly patriotic but taxation without representation is a terrible thing. Plus I like my tea Earl Grey, with a little bit of honey and not heavily taxed yo.

baronessvonb said...

Count of Tiki: Both I and my family thank you for the gun safety - otherwise, who ever would cook dinner around here?

Count Cormac: Ah, Jewish/Canadian guilt - 'tis a marvelous and highly polite thing!

Duke #2: Keep reading! (btw - you are SO on my hot tamale train!)

Countess AG: I'm not sure that I really want to go to a pub that serves Beans 'N Biscotti. That might make me feel not so hotty.

Countess MPM: Really? You can do backsies on Independance Day? I have SO much to learn. Can't wait!

Countess FF: Yo yo. I'm more of a green tea chicka, but I dig what you're putting down.

And really? I'm kinda jealous at your country's patriotism. The only thing that really brings us together as a country is The Stanley Cup Playoffs...

Auds at Barking Mad said...

My British hubby is standing over my shoulder reading this and laughing very hard!

Looking forward to meeting you next week!

Daryl said...

Looking forward to meeting you in person ...

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