Friday, March 12, 2010



House of Cards.


Whatever it is, it is this.

Watching 'House' this past Monday, I couldn't help but really examine (ok, obsess over) the superlative illustration of the need to blog, regardless of the circumstance. The underlying message was, like so many other things I've been realizing in the last couple of weeks, yet another tumbler that has fallen into place.

I've long-sought connection, validation, support. The blogosphere seemed a very enticing venue. For a time. And then, for me, it kind of turned in on itself. Where were my numbers? Was I funny enough? Was I thoughtful enough? Was I well-written enough? Was I this? Was I that?


Thus began the House of Cards.

I've mentioned before that I am a volunteering addict. I'm just beginning to understand why.

And for that matter, why not.

As I begin my laborious extricating from the many, many things I jumped into - and now must jump out of - I fear that there is one more thing I must leave behind.

Maybe for now.

Maybe forever.

With Spring around the corner (and it's horror show profusion of robins - really, what the hell is up with that???) it is time for me to start to clean the House of Jaffe (where I really should be living) , and to quietly, calmly close the doors to the House of vonBloggenschtern.

To all of you who have been so faithful, so beautiful (or handsome), so kind, so thought-provoking, and just so very lovely: Thank you so much.

I wish you every happiness.



Titanium said...

Your words, your wisdom and your wit will live on in every single life you have Connected with.

Fly, Baronness, fly. On laughter-silvered wings, up and up and away... around your house, your world and into the places where you'll make your lifetime goals a reality.

Also, if the mood and whim strikes you- don't be a stranger. The door is always open, the kitchen table awaits the of your coffee cup emphasis.


Mental P Mama said...

I'll just keep the lamp on in here;)

These Nine Acres said...

*sniff* I understand COMPLETELY but it still does not make it easy to say "see you later." I refuse to say goodbye ;0)


Margaret said...

Oh,man....Just stumbled upon this witty blog of yours a few weeks ago, and now you're gone....


Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

WHAT? Say it ain't so! Although... I do understand that feeling. I like blogging and intend to continue, but sometimes I ask myself why I'm doing it. I'm less obsessed about it now than I was when I began 2 years ago.

When your muse returns, we'll be here... and even if she doesn't, we'll be here too.

formerly fun said...

If it's not fun, stop doin' it.

I went thru the same thing I think and still do sometimes, that feeling of trying to qualify or quantify what I do on my blog or I get to the point where posting something becomes one more line item on my monumental to do list.

When that happens I walk away and if I come back, I come back, if not, well.... My advice(since you didn't ask for it:) is take a break, see how you feel and if it still gleams or you have a thought you need to share, come back.

You're in my reader so I'll know when you're back.

Hey btw, have you read "Don't Touch Monkey!And Other Travel Lessons Learned Too Late."?? If you haven't, I'd like to send it to you. I'm almost finished and I think it's the kind of thing you should be doing.

All my best Baroness

Titanium said...

Ayun is hilarious! Yes, by all means, do take her advice and read it.

You'll have time now. And also, travvveelllllll.

Bon Voyage... until we meet again.

Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

I'm sad, but do understand the need to close certain doors so that you can open others.

Diane said...

I'm still here. You extricatin' fool.
We're still festing together, yes?

And The Old Goat and I would like to accompany you on your below the belt shindig. I know that sounds naughty, butt I mean it as cleanly as possible.

Hugs to you Dearest.

Not Afraid To Use It said...

I totally respect the need to close the doors, but I hope you keep the light on for me. My kids keep asking when we get to see "the Bayness" again. :)

Bayman said...

I liked when Herman didn't get his way, and started stomping and said Darn Darn Darn Darn, and the plaster started falling.

Hope you are good, Bud

well read hostess said...



tysdaddy said...


Note to self: Visit the good blogs more often . . .

Be well, and see you around.

foolery said...

Three months and the lights are still out on the porch. (Does a baroness even HAVE a porch?) That can only mean that the House of Jaffe is fully engaging and that is how it should be.

Hope you are well, Dahling, and having the time of your life. : )

Freida Bee, MD said...

I just returned after a few months away mainly because I wasn't writing just for the fun of it at all, but I very much identify with the compulsive/ addiction aspect of it, and hope you are living quite well in the meatworld, BvB! I'll find my proper writing outlet.

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