Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Torn from the Headlines

I saw the news today.

Oh, boy.

How could a trio of adored characters go from this...

at Kitsilano Beach

...and this

at Tojo's,
eating the official food of the Vancouver 201o Olympics

and this:
working the school kids

...down to this:
scalping tickets

...and this -
(if you search up internet mascot porn in the forest,
is it illegal?)

and this:
could be Shaun White, but I'm pretty sure
it's Quatchi

Oh, how the mighty have fallen, as evidenced by the editorial cartoon in today's Province Newspaper:

cartoon source here

[Editor's note: East Hastings Street is at the core of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, one of our city's more crime-addled areas. I think, at one time, it had the distinction of being one of North America's most dangerous. Yo. So very proud. ]


Diane said...

"Hey Sailor"?

I've been to Canada many times and not been addressed as "Hey Sailor". Has your tourist policy changed?

Anonymous said...

Your Shaun White reference has me in stitches- too funny for words, that.

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