Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All Hail

We have a 'tradition' in our family, where we buy kid's birthday cards ('You're Six!' or 'Today You're 3'), and we re-configure them to the appropriate age.

Hilarity usually ensues as we constantly try to outdo each other. Our older nephew was previously the king of this, and had actually started to incorporate various holiday cards into the birthday genre. True genius.

Until today.

When I got my birthday card from my sons.

Not only is it all pink and sparkly, but it has some very endearing prose which oddly, I can still relate to:

All hail Miss Princess (Forty) Nine-Year-Old,
With dream-bright eyes
and heart of gold!

All hail Miss Princess Go-Go-Girl,
Who gives good times a sassy whirl!

All hail Miss Princess Smiles-A-Lot,
Who's loved by all the friends she's got!

All hail Miss Princess
And may her cuteness
Always rule.


All hail the sons of Miss Princess - they are royally awesome!

Thanks so much to everyone for the b'day wishes. All hail you, too.

Much Love,


Titanium said...

Twenty-nine. They were off by a couple years, but they're forgiven on account of 'princess of cool'. Love this! Happiest of Happy Birthdays to you, m' Lady.

Deltaville Jamie said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun tradition.

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