Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

In my yoga teaching training, we've been honing our verbal cues to give our students: ground your feet to the earth; raise the crown of your head towards the heavens.

I gotta tell ya, I'm a sucker for all that imagery. I can envision myself as a mountain. I can imagine that I'm a brave warrior.

So when I came across this piece in one of my reference manuals - and it speaks of four of the elements, it seemed apropos to share it.

by Laurie Beth Jones

I am earth -
the soil that supports
and nurtures living things
I give solid footing
to those around me.

I am wind -
the power that
sweeps away old fears
and carries new ideas
like springtime.

I am fire -
igniting the power
and passion in others.
I give warmth
on cold, wintry nights,
and clear the way
for new beginnings.

I am water -
Align LeftNo obstacle can stop me.
I go over, under,
around and through.
I change forms
to steam or ice
or rain.
I bring life
wherever I go.
I touch everyone
I meet.

And now that I've shared, it's up to each of you who read it to own all the magnificence that is you.

You are supporting, powerful, passionate and transformative - and so very much more.


Anonymous said...

Owning it with all my heart. Thanks for this; I needed every bit of it today.

Cormac Brown said...

You're water

I'm glue


Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I really, really need some of this. Thank you for sharing. I think I"m going to clip 'n' carry this with me this week.

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