Saturday, January 26, 2008

How About That?

Here in von Bloggenschtern world, we look high and low (ok, mostly low) for any excuse to celebrate a day. Last Saturday was Hat Day - I managed to find Duke 1 & 2 the most amazing sock monkey hats. They loved them so much, they've pretty much been welded on to their heads all week (and by yesterday, "welded" is pretty much the most accurate term). We've turned "Hat Day" into "Hat Week". Viva la Revolucion! I imagine that is how most of these obtuse holidays get started. Here's some more that we will be partaking in over the next 3 days. Maybe you'd like to join us?

Saturday, January 26th
First up, only for the denizens of Illinois for some peculiar reason, "Bald Eagle Day". The Baroness is not entirely sure exactly how one pays homage to the great American symbol, but I'm fairly confident in suggesting that one defers climbing into cages and lovingly stroking their pin feathers. Admiring from afar will do quite nicely. If you're feeling rebellious and want to venture outside of the Illinois area, a trip to Brackendale, British Columbia is a bracing way to view these magnificent creatrures. Again, use binoculars or a zoom lens. They seem to be a little skittish, and they can gut a salmon with their beak in 2 seconds flat.

For the Saturday-morning fashion-challenged (show of hands - how many of you are still in your jammies and some sort of novelty t-shirt?), it's "Clashing Clothes Day". Extend your questionable choices throughout the day. Because really, if you can sell that striped shirt and those leopard print leggings as haute couture, someone will buy it. Have at 'er.

The last, but surely not least, significant activity to honor today does not even involve leaving the house. Perfect for the snowed-ins, the shut-ins, the agoraphobes, and the just plain lazy. Today, dear readers, is the birthday of .... Television! To show my appreciation for this amazing little box o' pixels and culture, the Baroness will go to the shrine the Baron has erected in the family room (now referred to as "The Sanctuary"), and spend at least part of the day watching "The Dog Whisperer" and "Flip This House". OK, maybe all day.

Sunday, January 27th
After what promises to be a full Saturday, it is exciting to note that all 3 of Sunday's days of note can be celebrating in one, er, sitting.

For today is "Mozart Day", "Chocolate Cake Day", and "Thomas Crapper Day". Not sure who Mr. Crapper is? Well, he was a visionary - an artist who worked in porcelain media. He more or less revolutionized the plumbing world, and paved the way for Mr. Moen, Mr. Kohler, and Mr. American Standard. Yes - he created the toilet.

You multi-taskers out there know what to do. Just keep the CD player a good distance away from the bowl. And make sure you wash your hands.

Monday, January 28th
Before you get all technical and huffy, The Baroness is well aware that Mondays are not part of the weekend. On the other hand, if there is a way to carry over some of the weekend's frivolity and lightness (note here that I did not suggest to carry over pounding hangovers or nausea...), why not? And these three days are chock full of the yum, the hum, and sass galore:

1. Blueberry Pancake Day. Orbs of gushing purple sweetness. Butter. Syrup. Mmmm. I think I might backdate this day to Saturday.

2. Kazoo Day. The Baroness loves, loves, LOVES happy music. The banjo. The accordion. The Kazoo. It's downright giddiness, and as an added bonus, it makes your lips tickle.

3. International Make Your Point Day. I wasn't at the Priory meeting where they decided this was an International (see last week's "How About That?") Day, but no hard feelings, guys.

To summarize - opt for any (or all) of these days of celebration, and The Baroness guarantees enjoyment may ensue. I think I've made my point.


bill said...

Great post! You're always so funny.
Keep it up - I'll be sure to visit again.

t_cole said...

I am guessing that Scarlett is going to ZOOM in on the Crapper part.
It's just a guess.
Also - I had no idea about the mismatched clothes thing yesterday- and celebrated nonetheless.
How nice for me!

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I had my comment all ready to discuss how I celebrated Mr. Thomas Crapper today but I see that I have become too predictable. Instead, I will tell you that I have fallen in love with you and I am thinking of how we can run away together.

You are too funny!

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess t: I went above and beyond yesterday w/the clashing clothes - my family's convinced I have cataracts.

Countess Scarlett: I still would love to hear your spin on Mr. TC; I would venture to say I am not alone on this. As for the running away, while it does sound tempting, I don't know if I have enough upper body strength to dig 2 unmarked graves. Although, the Everglades..

I'll get back to you, darlin'. Got some research to do. :)

Lisa said...

Another kazoo day?!?!! This is great!! Bring on the banjo, accordion, washboard, jug, and whatever other noise maker you fancy ... that's a band I wanna join!!!... Babs Peapod

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

And, of course, Countess Scarlett Wanna Be on the, um, Sea Captain's whistle.

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