Saturday, November 1, 2008

And Another Thing...Well, 2, Other Things, Actually

The Another Thing:
For all of you Halloween junkies who just can't get enough of having the bejeebuzz scared out of you and wish it was October 31st every day, just an FYI that I've extended the deadline of the "Spooktacular" Baroness Book Giveaway until midnight on Friday, November 7th. I'm having a hard time keeping up with the entries... Click here to see how to enter now!

And for those of you out there who think that you get all 10 titles (and you know who you are)(Countess of YY), let me just clarify that I have 5 copies each of 10 titles to give away - one title per person. It is a Halloween giveaway, after all - not Christmas. Sheesh!

The Second Other Thing:
I know full well that I'm not American.

But I'm North American.

And I also know full well that an imaginary border is the only thing separating us from Amurrakah, and whatever is going to happen economically or sociologically will have some effect on us. Which is why I found this PSA so cool.

I sure hope it works. (I implore you to watch until the very end when Borat tells you one of the most important aspects of voter privacy...)

Dig it?

Then send it.

Why limit it to 5 friends? Hell, even Borat has 7!


Cormac Brown said...

Actually, I've always thought of us as being Southern Canada...

, actually I haven't. But if it means that we can be royalty like you and get some of that superior Canadian healthcare? Call California "Baja British Columbia."

RiverPoet said...

LOVE the video - thanks for sharing it.

Peace - D

Mental P Mama said...

Thank you!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

The video isn't coming up for me, but I am sure it was spectacular. I will be back to take a gander.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Ryan Reynolds Canadian?

{i}Post said... sound on my computer!

Baroness von B said...

Count Cormac: When I rule the universe and go about re-naming the provinces and cities that have no "Q" factor whatsoever - I will appoint you Head Moniker Maven - "The Baja of British Columbia"? Brilliant.

Countess D: I hope you will share it, too.

Countess MPM: Very welcome, beautiful!

Countess NATUI: You can go to YouTube and search for "Don't Vote" or "5 More Friends"

Countess Schmee: Yes, but married to an American. Not really the point here, though.

Countess iPost: Sorry!

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