Friday, February 26, 2010

For the Love of Game(s) Friday

I feel that I must apologize.

(gee, Baroness - how many conversations/letters/blogs of yours start this way?)

I realize that, over the last couple of weeks, my enthusiasm for all things Canada may have been just a titch insufferable for a few of you.

So, in an effort to be ecumenical, I will start to wrap up the festivities with just an overview of the things the vonB's witnessed yesterday on our jaunt downtown.

You know, our jaunt to see the people at the place play the thing.

On ice.

That some people may or may not have won.

A medal.

That may or may not have the chemical symbol Au.

All that aside, thanks to the power of my Hockey Socky:

I now have a fascination with head wear.

Such as this:I told she looked very aerodynamic.
(which was the truth)
I did not tell her that she looked like my garden gnome.
(which was also the truth)

And this:
Sundry rapid transit lady, rockin' the Quatchi...

(Although - no offense, lady - NO ONE rocks the Quatchi head better than this guy:

Whoa, dude. Gnarly
No really.

Conditioner, maybe?

And this:I had to check my ticket to make sure
that I hadn't surreptitiously gotten into some sort of Bill and Ted phone booth,
and then check the back of my head to make sure
I didn't have a gaping wound of some sort that would cause hallucinations...
You are a far way from Wisconsin, Dorothy.

But wait! Here's another who has infiltrated the perimeter:
I think they are planning a takeover, by slowly and deliciously
raising our cholesterol
rendering us gassy
and defenseless

There were law enforcement officers (v. friendly, btw), who were wearing ushankas:
I asked him if it was made of beaver.
His partner quickly suggested it was roadkill.
His partner was not wearing a ushanka.
Jealous much, buddy boy?
(I would never call a RCMP officer 'buddy boy')
(within Taser range)

There was the patriotic:And the Hockey-otic:

who reminded me of a (family friendly) version of a joke -
'What has 2 thumbs and is toque-cool?'

And its sad counter-part - 'What has 4 thumbs, and is not cool?'


Anonymous said...

Aye, gold 'twas yours... and me home girl from Palmer, Alaska took a graceful bow and silver, with nary a cross word and her dignity intact.

Now, that, my friends is a RARE thing from an American. And worth its weight in gold.

baronessvonb said...

Countess Ti: Some of the US ladies were extremely classy - lord knows, they played their asses off. Great article - thanks for sharing!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

You are now fully qualified to design this year's official Blog Fest 2010 chapeau.

Did I tell you that we have (potentially) another Canadian coming to Blog Fest? It's true, she is, assuming she can find her visa (the one for the passport, not the credit card).

These Nine Acres said...

Have I mentioned that I love you lately?

AND I love this post. Best one EVER.

Well, since the one about Liberace any way.

foolery said...

You are so funny. And as much as I love the Olympics, I think I would have loved walking the streets of Vancouver with you, twice as much. You trail FUN after you like a wake.

formerly fun said...

I am from Wisconsin.

I am, however, not a cheesehead, though I worship Cheddars, and Goudas and Bries and Cherves.....just not in head form.

baronessvonb said...

Countess CBW: Canada, you say? And from which frozen quadrant does said participant hail? I'm sure we're neighbors.

Countess TNA: Oh, you always seem to say just the right lovely thing at the right lovely time!

It is hard to decide between Olympics and Liberace. Kind of like picking a favorite child.

Countess Foolery: And I would have loved to have been your tour guide. This is not to say that offer is now null and void - come on up, and we'll do some exploring. You can be the Lewis to my Martin.

Er, Clark. I meant Clark.

Countess FF: I am thrilled that you are a Cheese head (like a Deadhead or a Parrothead), but not a CHEESEHEAD!!!! Because seriously - have you ever seen head cheese? And it's not even a dairy product. Bleh.

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