Monday, July 20, 2009

Hippy VooDoo Bullsh*t

The fabulous title of this post can be credited to my darling oldest son, Duke #1.

Being the only conservative in a family of liberals (although in truth, I'm never too sure about the political leanings of the dog - he's such a waffler), this is the phrase he mutters under his breath whenever I introduce new, healthy, 'natural' philosophies or items that I believe could seriously improve our lifestyle. Like chiropractic manipulations.

Or bee pollen supplements.

Or arugula.

If it is vaguely unusual, strange or just an infinitessimal degree left of center, it is deemed HVDB.

Needless to say, then, that it drives him mad that I even waste my time reading my daily horoscope. Way too Woo-Woo-Out-There.

For heaven's sake, Dude - it's just entertaining - I'm not considering it to be my mandate nor gleaning secret encoded information into my life path here.

As a nod to the brilliant and wickedly hilarious Mental P Mama, I will use one of her literary devices and share the sage advice of our local papers' resident seers for me and my fellow Scorpios, in light of my recent cross-country adventure to the Great Virginia Blogfest of Oh 9.

Paper 1: " You'll love any opportunity to explore philosophy, religion, and politics or discuss other countries and different cultures. You're equally as enthusiastic about travel plans or anything to do with publishing and media. You're gung ho* about exploring new ideas!"
[*gung ho: local Cantonese word meaning 'crazy in the brainpan']

Paper 2: "Connect with people who come from different backgrounds and you will get a much broader view of the possibilities that exist. Spending time with old friends may be fun but it won't open your mind and inspire you."


I know, right? Kinda eerie.

In a sand-candle/incense/Ouija Board sort of way.

I have spend the last 3 days exploring, connecting, listening and absorbing at my own personal Bloggy Woodstock. I am now just trying to find the way to process it all without popping that magical bubble that envelops it.

And let me tell you something - more than flaxseed, more than acai berries, more than even yoga - it was one of the most beautiful, healthy, Hippy VooDoo Bullsh*t things I have chosen to bring into my life.

More to come - I just have to wait for tomorrow's horoscope.


Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Kinda how I feel about it, too. I'm still not quite able to process it into words. This week, though, for sure! It was lovely meeting you - glad we got to chat at dinner Friday. You just elbow those others out of the way inside my tiny computer... squeeze on in, there's room for y'all.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

It was so wonderful meeting you and AG! We are still talking about the awesome time we had! And the incredible people we met. I am still not even sure how I will post about it! But somehow I will find the words.
Glad you made it home safe. Do keep in touch my dear!

big hair envy said...

You forgot to mention that there was Crab Porn. I'm sure that contributed to the Chesapeake Bay Zen-ness of it all!!!

It was SUCH a pleasure to meet you this weekend! I've already begun looking for an excuse to meet up with my new bloggy buddies again;)

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess Meg: Roller Derby used to be HUGE here when I was a kid, so I surely know how to use my elbows.

Countess Nora: I think I'm kind like that damned jellyfish - I'll surely keep in touch, and leave marks to boot!

Countess Angie: Ah, the Crab Porn - can't wait for THOSE pictures to emerge...BTW, Diane and I were playing some trivia game on the plane on the way from ATL to Seattle - one of the questions was "What is a Fluffer nutter?" - at which point we both peed ourselves laughing and said in unison "Well, I guess Angie will know the answer to THAT one now!!"

mom x 2 said...

I so wish I had been able to spend more time with everyone! Sounds like the rest of the weekend faired even better than the beginning! It was so great meeting you! Can't wait for the next time... Wherever that may be!!!

Living on the Spit said...

The short amount of time I spent in the midst of utter greatness was completely sureal and yet, I am finding it hard to want to put it into words.

I want to hold it exclusively in my heart for just a while longer.

It was such a pleasure meeting you and I can not wait for future meetings. I am so glad you guys came!!!

Audrey at Barking Mad said...

I'm no where near even being able to process and sort all of this in order to articulate it into anything literate. Well that and we only just got home about 90 minutes ago.

Long story was so nice meeting you. I'm so very glad you made the trip and I'm so very glad I did too. Otherwise, I wouldn't have this plethora of wonderful memories to sort through and look back on and smile at!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I'm sorry I missed it, but I am SO GLAD we still got to hook up! Happy to see you made it back safe and sound.

TSannie said...

Truly perfection! Loved spending time with you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

As your press agent and mouthpiece, I just have one word to say about our trip together...


No... wait... Two words...

GAH! (In the best possible way!)

Daryl said...

Didnt AG give you back the brain? GAH indeed... darlink Bubbala mine ... you live toooooo far away, please move closer to the rest of the tribe .. xoxox Darylizer

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Countess Momx2: It's not the quantity, darling - it's the quality.
And you are GradeA!!

Countess of The Land Mass: Being as how I'm pretty selfish, I might just fold my blog tent and just live off of the vivid memories. I don't want to share. But I do. But I don't.

Countess Auds: For someone who's working on fumes, you're marvellously articulate! Such a joy meeting you and Meg - if I had a daughter, I'd sure want one just like her. She was lovely. And cool.

Countess NATUI: Yup, here I is. Safe. Sound. Weepy. Hormonal. It really would be so much easier on my fragile little heartstrings if I didn't like people so damn much.

Countess TSA: Back atcha, sweets! You are a delight.

Countess Daryl: We were wrassling over who would take possession on the way to getting AG's luggage, when we came across a scene that just made all the blood flow from our brain to our hearts and our tearducts. The thread of our silly discussion was dropped, so I just don't know where we stand anymore.

As for the distance thing, whatya gonna do? Me likee the Canada and the sushi. That being said, our niece and nephew are Manhattanites, so there can always be arrangements made...

Country Girl said...

I agree.


baronessvonb said...

Countess CG: Do you agree or do you a-GAH-ree?

Just checkin'...

Grandma J said...

Bloggy Woodstock....BWAAAAH!

I really enjoyed everyone too. You are a hoot, and so special. I really had fun sitting and talking to you.

I get all teary and weepy knowing how much I'm gonna miss everyone. If my grandfather were alive he'd tell me to quit my blubbering.

Just be prepared one day for a knock on the door because the Pacific Northwest beckons me every so often. I know my way around your town. Ok, so I only know the goth district.

Can't wait for the next blogfest hootenanny!

baronessvonb said...

Countess Grandma: I am envisioning you with your navy blue hair, raccoon eyes, black fingernails & lips - if you're gonna stay with me, Goth Girl, you're gonna have to remove all that goop first! ;)

Needless to say, I would love to have you come and play. Punk rock or no.

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